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Marcus Bradley, DPT '22 
Doctor of Physical Therapy

May 27, 2022

Physical therapy graduate Marcus Bradley, DPT '22Marcus Bradley (DPT ’22) chose to pursue a career in health care because he recognized a lack of diversity in the profession while growing up in his Greenville, Mississippi, hometown.

“I decided that I could become someone who could give back to the community and help guide those who sought out a similar path,” he said. “Having sound advice and a mentor to help along the journey is always a blessing as you endure hardships and the difficulties your road may bring.”

Bradley earned a bachelor of science degree in biology from Rust College, Holly Springs, Mississippi, where he served as the Student Government Association president and was voted the Male Student of the Year. He then obtained a master’s degree in biology with a concentration in physiology from Alabama A&M University in Huntsville.

During his growing up years, Bradley sustained an injury and received physical therapy treatment which he said solidified his belief in wanting to make a difference in others’ lives.

“Physical therapy has always been interesting to me because of the relationships you encounter throughout your career,” he said. “I believe it’s a gem of a profession because it allows you to personally build bonds with your patients on a daily basis that they might not experience elsewhere.”

He also liked that a career in physical therapy provides many avenues. “Ultimately,” he said, “we all seek to return our patients back to health the best we can in order for them to return to a more normal life through functional activities and exercise.”

As a physical therapist, Bradley plans to lead a mentorship program and “teach, educate and inspire a new generation of physical therapy students into the world of healthcare professions. Reaching back and helping others allows the next generation to know that they are not alone,” he said.

Bradley is inspired by his mother, Everlyn Smith. He said she raised two young men by herself with “only her integrity, faith and strong will to keep us out of harm’s way while allowing us to live out our dreams safely.”

He said, “She provided me with the confidence and the knowledge to continue to be greater than what I was comfortable with. She pushed me to go above and beyond what was expected of me because she knew that I could achieve anything that I put my mind to.”

He continued, “She gave me the support and the determination because through her hard work, I always hoped to make her and the rest of my family and church family proud.”

Following graduation, Bradley plans to work in an outpatient orthopedic setting where he is able to treat a wide variety of populations in need of physical therapy.

He gives those following in his footsteps this advice.

“There will be times where you feel like giving up. The path of success is not always straight. It may be narrow and full of curves with obstacles in your way, but continue to stay the course with your end goal and vision in mind. Rest if you must and always remember that it is okay to start over. Stay true to yourself and see it through.”

Bradley said he chose to attend PCOM Georgia “because of the family atmosphere that was promised and given to us throughout our years here.”

He said, “I have met some of the greatest professors within the PCOM Georgia DPT program who have challenged me to not only be the best physical therapist I can be, but to be the best version of myself as a person. The lessons they have taught will be an integral part that I will keep and cherish and always remember as I continue to pursue my career.”

Bradley gave a special thank you to former Doctor of Physical Therapy chair Phillip Palmer, PT, PhD, “for giving me a chance and opportunity to enter into this program. Thank you for believing in me.”