Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Stephanie H. Felgoise, PhD, ABPP

Director, PsyD Program in Clinical Psychology
Vice-Chair, Department of Psychology and Professor

Robert A. DiTomasso, PhD, ABPP

Chair, Department of Psychology and Professor

David Festinger, PhD

Director of Substance Abuse Research and Education, Professor

Barbara A. Golden, PsyD, ABPP

Director of Clinical Services, Professor 

Elizabeth A. Gosch, PhD, ABPP

Director of MS Program in Mental Health Counseling, Professor

Michelle Lent, PhD

Associate Professor

Donald Masey, PsyD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Suzie Panichelli-Mindel, PhD

Director of Research, Associate Professor

Stephen Poteau, PhD

Associate Director of Institutional Outcomes Assessment, Associate Professor 

Brad Rosenfield, PsyD

Practicum Coordinator, Assistant Professor 

Beverly White, PsyD

Clinical Associate Professor

Bruce S. Zahn, EdD, ABPP

Director of Clinical Training, Professor