Stephen Poteau, PhD | PCOM Faculty | Clinical PsyD Program
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Associate Director of Institutional Outcomes
Associate Professor

Dr. Poteau has worked in the wrap-around services in Philadelphia in several capacities. He was a TSS worker at Morton Elementary School, a mobile therapist working primarily in the West Philadelphia area, and also briefly served as a stand-in high school counselor at Sun Valley High School.

Dr. Poteau has presented at several professional conferences and conducts research in many areas of social psychology including, but not limited to: terror management theory, implicit measurement/cognition (of attitudes and self-esteem), personality, game theory/decision-making, political psychology/ethnopolitical conflict, and cultural evolution.


Dr. Poteau received his doctorate in social psychology from Temple University in 2009. He completed his undergraduate work in psychology at Temple University as well and went on to obtain his first MA in general psychology with an emphasis on clinical training at West Chester University before pursuing his doctoral work.