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Standardized Patients

Standardized patients are individuals who are trained to portray patients in a realistic manner who have symptoms. Scheduled sessions of timed encounters provide opportunities for learners to practice their skills and receive immediate feedback.

Standardized patient working with physician assistant students at PCOMStandardized patients assess the learners' clinical and history-taking skills and communicate verbally to learners about their interpersonal behaviors.

Exam rooms are outfitted with two digital cameras to record standardized patient encounters with doctor of osteopathic medicine, physician assistant studies and psychology learners. Learners and faculty can view recordings and feedback in the cloud-based SimCapture audio/video system.

Standardized Patients use program-specific assessments, such as humanistic and biomedical components, to evaluate different elements of their encounters with learners.

Interested in Becoming a Standardized Patient?

Visit Career Opportunities at PCOM to view current job openings for standardized patients.