GA-PCOM Celebrates Research Day | May 2017
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GA-PCOM Celebrates Research Day

May 22, 2017

GA-PCOM hosted its seventh annual Research Day featuring posters by students, pharmacy residents and faculty members.

Thirty-three research posters were presented by students, pharmacy residents and faculty members at Georgia Campus – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (GA-PCOM) Seventh Annual Research Day held last week. The event kicked off with a keynote speech by Audrey Duarte, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology at Georgia Tech. The title of Dr. Duarte’s talk was “What Can Neuroimaging Tell Us about Age-Related Memory Changes.”

Research ranging from such topics as the initiative to increase pneumococcal vaccination rates in rural Georgia clinics, to social media and digital epidemiology, to therapeutic management of lower extremity arterial bypass graft occlusion was presented.

Research Day topics at GA-PCOM covered topics ranging from initiative to increase pneumococcal vaccination rates in rural Georgia clinics, to social media and digital epidemiology.

Research Day award winners included:

Biomedical Sciences

  • First place: Moji Salau (MS ’17) and Shelby Sweat (MS ’17), “BKCa Channel Expression and Functional Regulation in Diabetic Pulmonary Arterial Smooth Muscle Cells.”
  • Second place: Christina Paul (MS ’17) “The Role of Lipocalin -2 (Lcn2) in Acetaminophen Induced Acute Liver Failure.”
  • Honorable mention: Nisha Gajjar (MS ’17) and Elizabeth Hernandez (MS ’17), “The Role of Secretory Phospholipase A2 (sPLA2) Inhibitor Varespladib in Mitigation of Acetaminophen (APAP) Induced Acute Liver Failure.”

Osteopathic Medicine

  • First place: Andrew Keith (DO ’20), “Cerebellar and Cerebral Cortical Responses to Cathodal tDCS: an In Vivo Approach to Study Its Applicability to Cerebellar Ataxia Treatment.”
  • Second place: Alex Wang (DO ’20) “Study of Excitability Changes in Purkinje Cell Output during DCS Stimulation by In Vitro Approach.”

School of Pharmacy

  • First place: Teena John (PharmD ’19), “Anti-Myeloma Effect of Imidazole and Methyl Derivatives of a Synthetic Oleanane Triterpenoid 2-cyano-3, 12 dioxooleana-1, 9-dien-28-oic acid (CDDO)
  • Second place: Eva Karam (PharmD ’17), “Management of HIV-Positive Patients Undergoing CABG: A Case Series.”
  • Honorable mention: Irandokht Khaki Najafabadi (PharmD ’18), “Magnetic Drug Delivery of Xanthohumol to Adipocytes Using Ultrasmall Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles.”


  • First place: Brandon Cunningham, PharmD (PGY-1 Resident), “Appropriateness of Statin Dose in High Risk Patients Post-PCI/CABG at Gwinnett Medical Center.”
  • Second place: Cynthia Francis, PhD, “Cycolospirine A-Induced Calcineurin Isoform Specific Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP-2 and MMP-9) Expression in Renal Fibroblasts.”
  • Honorable mention: Keith Johnson, PharmD (PGY-1 Resident), “Pharmacist Intervention on the Stroke Team in the Emergency Department.”

Faculty members who participated as judges and/or on the ad-hoc Research Day planning committee included: Adwoa Aduonum, PhD; Vishakha Bhave, PhD; Skye Bickett, DHSc; Valerie Cadet, PhD; Shafik Habal, MD; Abigail Hielscher, PhD; Georga Huang, PhD; Frank Jenney, PhD; Robert McAfee, PhD; Mary Owen, JD, MS, PhD; Srujana Rayalam, DVM, PhD; Lori Redmond, PhD; Rangaiah Shashidharamurthy, PhD and Xinyu Wang, PhD.

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