Department of Bio-Medical Sciences - Georgia
Assistant Professor of Anatomy


Office: 678-225-7566

Dr. McAfee grew up and attended college in Ohio before moving westward for graduate school, where he specialized in the evolution and functional morphology of fossil sloths. Afterwards he taught at schools in Nebraska and Missouri before moving back to Ohio for five years. He now applies his diverse anatomy skills at GA-PCOM while continuing his research, which has expanded with collaborations that include field work in the Dominican Republic and locally with cave sites in Georgia and Alabama. The other side of this work involves geomorphometrics using 3D surface scans to explore the changes and variations in sloth anatomy and morphology.

  • Education

    • PhD - Northern Illinois University 2007
    • BS - Bowling Green State University 2000
  • Courses

    • Structures and Principles of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Publications

    McAfee, RK. 2016. Description of new postcranial elements of Mylodon darwinii Owen 1839 (Mammalia: Pliosa: Mylodontinae), and functional morphology of the forelimb. Ameghiniana, 53(4): 418-443.

    McAfee, RK. 2015. Dental anomalies within extant members of the mammalian Order Pilosa. Acta Zoologica, 96: 301-311.

    McAfee, RK and JL Green. 2015. The role of bite force in the formation of orthodentine microwear in tree sloths (Mammalia: Xenarthra: Folivora): Implications for feeding ecology. Archives of Oral Biology, 60(1): 181-192.

    Naples, VL and RK McAfee. 2014. Chewing through the Miocene: an examination of the feeding musculature in the ground sloth Hapalops from South America (Mammalia: Pilosa). [v1; ref status: indexed,] F1000Research 2014, 3:86 (doi: 10.12688/f1000research.3282.1)

    Resar, NA, JL Green, and RK McAfee. 2013. Reconstructing paleodiet in ground sloths (Mammalia, Xenarthra) using dental microwear analysis. Kirtlandia, 58: 61-72.

    McAfee, RK and VL Naples. 2012. Notice on the occurrence of supernumerary teeth in the two-sloths Choloepus didactylus and C. hoffmanni. Mastozoologia Neotropical, 19(2): 339-344.

    Naples, VL and RK McAfee. 2012. Reconstruction of the cranial musculature and
    masticatory function of Eremotherium (Mammalia: Xenarthra: Megatheriidae). Historical Biology, 24(2): 187-206.

    McAfee, RK. 2011. Feeding Mechanics and Dietary Implications in the Fossil Sloth Neocnus (Mammalia: Xenarthra: Megalonychidae) from Haiti. Journal of Morphology, 272: 1204-1216.

    McAfee, RK. 2009. Reassessment of the Cranial Characters of Glossotherium and Paramylodon (Mammalia: Xenarthra: Mylodontidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 155: 885-903.

  • Memberships

    • American Society of Mammalogists
    • Society of Vertebrate Paleontology