PCOM Opportunities Academy | STEM Program for High Schoolers
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PCOM Opportunities Academy 
STEM Program for High School Students

High school students are invited to learn about college planning and careers in science and health care at PCOM's STEM summer camps.

PCOM Opportunities Academy summer STEM camp logoFormerly known as the Science and Math Summer Academy, the PCOM Opportunities Academy is an enrichment program that aims to introduce students who identify as African American, Latino, or are traditionally underrepresented in medicine to opportunities in health care, college readiness and mentoring.

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Learning Objectives

As a result of participating in Opportunities Academy, high school age students will:

  • Explore career opportunities in medicine and healthcare.
  • Practice critical thinking skills and collaboration by engaging in problem-based learning.
  • Build their research, public speaking and presentation skills through innovative experiences in the program.
  • Develop skills and self-confidence to apply for college and successfully navigate undergraduate study.
  • Engage in leadership and professional development throughout each stage of the program.

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Program Sponsors


PCOM, PCOM Georgia, PCOM South Georgia



Christopher Ludwick Foundation


Dolfinger-McMahon Foundation


J.P. Morgan


Jackson EMC Foundation

PCOM Georgia