Diversity Programs 
PCOM Philadelphia Campus

The Office of Diversity and Community Relations at PCOM's Philadelphia, PA location coordinates various community outreach, diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives throughout the year.

Signature Events and Programs

Community Wellness Initiative

PCOM's Community Wellness Initiative (CWI) was founded to create educational and health services programming that support health and wellness in communities surrounding the College's locations.

CWI programs and events provide opportunities for PCOM students and staff to engage in patient care, community health education and research.

Community-Based Research Faculty Fellowship

The Community-Based Research Faculty Fellowship was created by the Office of Diversity and Community Relations in partnership with the Division of Research and the PCOM Library.

Funding is awarded annually faculty members who engage community-based organizations and PCOM students in collaborative research studies. Preference is given to proposals that focus on inter-professional initiatives and allow multiple students to volunteer with research duties.

Examples of studies and engagement projects include examining vaccine COVID hesitancy in local communities and exploring health services barriers in rural communities.

LGBTQIA Inclusive Healthcare Training

PCOM has partnered with the Mazzoni Center, a Philadelphia-based organization, that offers medical trainings on LGBTQIA inclusive healthcare. The training is designed for physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, medical students and providers in non-medical settings seeking medical information about LGBTQ communities.

Learning objectives include:

  • Differentiate among the categories of sex at birth, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation;
  • Establish a working knowledge of LGBTQ terminology and identities;
  • Understand the differences between medical, legal and social transitions for transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals;
  • Apply three clinical tools for improving services for TGNC patients using case examples;
  • Identify health disparities among TGNC communities and develop tools to increase LGBTQ access to culturally competent care.

Unlearning Racism

Unlearning Racism is a brave and supportive space to begin or continue the work of exploring white privilege. We will think together to learn we can become better allies to each other and to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). This initiative is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Community Relations and Human Resources.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Practice reflection and conversation to improve recognition of your biases and the impact they have so you can be more intentional and inclusive in your interactions with colleagues and students of color.
  • Develop and apply allyship and accompliceship behaviors to deepen your relationships.
  • Develop skills and strategies to interrupt racism.
  • Build skills for cross cultural dialogue.

Lectures and Guest Speakers

Our office hosts multicultural scholars and dignitaries to lecture on health-related diversity issues in order to bring insight and understanding to the PCOM community. These lectures and discussions are designed to educate audiences to consider perspectives other than their own—encouraging civil debate, broadening the basis for critical thought and promoting cultural understanding.

Past lectures include:

Women's History Month Lecture

Velma P. Scantlebury, MD, the first African-American female transplant surgeon shared her experiences in medicine to the PCOM community.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture Series

Dorothy E. Roberts, University of Pennsylvania School of Law, George A. Weiss University, Professor of Law, presented on "Unconscious Bias in Medicine."

Christopher Coleman, diversity and inclusion expert and founder and CEO of Unconfined Life Institute, presented "Rising Above Expectations" to the PCOM community.

Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins, PhD, Vice-Provost's Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn School of Social Policy and Practice, discussed "The 21st Century Challenges of Health Equity."

LGBTQIA Welcome Reception

The LGBTQIA Council, Office of Diversity and Community Relations, and LGBTQ Alliance of Students Organized for Health (LASOH) host a welcome reception for all first-year DO and graduate LGBTQIA students at the beginning of each school year.

Group of four female students and faculty smile while holding pride flags at the 2019 LGBTQIA Welcome Reception event

President's Leadership in Diversity Award

About the award

The President’s Leadership in Diversity Awards recognize the achievements of graduating students who have made significant contributions to advance diversity and inclusion at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia.

Award criteria

Recipients have implemented initiatives which cultivate, advance or model diversity and inclusion within the College community. Nominees are evaluated by a committee of faculty and staff using the following criteria:

  1. Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, including but not limited to: establishment of an annual event or program; community outreach or engagement; providing a distinctive service to the PCOM community; research to advance diversity and inclusion in medicine.
  2. Sustainability of an above mentioned initiative.
  3. Ability to engage others in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.
  4. Be in good academic standing.
Award winners

Pathway Programs

PCOM Science and Math Summer Academy

PCOM is working to help raise interest in science, technology, engineering and math—plus medicine (STEM+M) at the high school and undergraduate level through its Science and Math Summer Academy.

During the one week virtual summer program, students will build their resume and college applications by engaging in virtual labs, networking opportunities and developing their own research presentation alongside PCOM faculty and medical students.

Get involved

The Summer Academy takes place each year in June. Philadelphia area high school students can apply now to take part in the PCOM Science and Math Summer Academy:


Contact Alicia Hahn-Murphy at aliciaha@pcom.edu to learn how to get involved.

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African American and Hispanic Male Undergraduate Research Initiative

Through a partnership between PCOM and Cabrini University, this program aims to offer research opportunities for African American and Hispanic male undergraduate science and psychology students.

Cabrini students work with PCOM faculty, students and staff to be part of medical research teams. Over eight weeks, students learned how to formulate research questions and hypotheses, design experiments, record results, interpret data and present their findings as part of an oral presentation at PCOM.

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Office of Admissions Community and Minority Outreach

The Office of Admissions provides opportunities for young people to learn about the medical professions, scientific inquiry and more through several innovative Community and Minority Outreach programs and events.

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Community Partnerships

PCOM is proud to partner with the following Philadelphia area schools and organizations. These organizations may provide volunteer opportunities for PCOM students and staff. Contact the Office of Diversity for more information.

Event Photos

PCOM students smile while sitting at a dinner table during the Diversity Dinner event.
Diversity Dinner
Wide shot of many students and staff talking and dinning at tables during the Diversity Dinner event.
Diversity Dinner
PCOM graduate students, medical students and staff smile and pose at the LGBTQIA Welcome Reception in Evans Hall.
LGBTQIA Welcome Reception
PCOM students write notes of encouragement and love during the LGBTQIA Welcome Reception event.
LGBTQIA Welcome Reception
Dr. Anne Koch speaks with a guest speaker in front of PCOM students.
Transgender Medicine Discussion Series
PCOM students hold up Worlds AIDS Day posters during an event in Evans Hall.
World AIDS Day
A panel of social workers and medical professionals address PCOM students in an amphitheater.
Immigrants, Refugees and Medicine