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Supporting One Another As We Rise (SOAR)

Formed in mid-2020, Supporting One Another as we Rise (SOAR) is an affinity village whose purpose is to encourage the mental and professional development of Black, non-teaching, full- and part-time staff of PCOM.

Fall 2023 SOAR Event: Maintaining Mental Health during the Holiday Season

Dr. Kyle Osbourne '19, Clinical Psychologist and PCOM alumni
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Our name is the collective’s goal: We aim to clearly articulate the unique needs of those who identify as Black, specifically descendants of people from the African diaspora. We are a place to which we may bring our authentic selves and from which we can connect with our non-Black allies and advocates in support of our diverse community.

SOAR supports the inclusion of various diversity elements and those related to race in particular. Established in mid-2020 by eight passionate individuals, SOAR is a response to Black employees' requests for a space within which we can express our authentic selves, all manner of emotion, and be an ear to each other when needed. With the support of ODCR and HR, the founding Council members, who represent all three PCOM locations, desired to establish a staff-focused affinity village whose members will form connections that offer support and encouragement, as well as opportunities for conversation, programming and inspiration.

Through engagement with SOAR, our participants, allies and advocates will:

  • Build a network of internal support that offers mentoring opportunities, safe spaces within which we can be authentic, and provide resources to colleagues; and
  • Be encouraged to participate in community outreach, whether internal to PCOM or in their locales by raising awareness of the needs of our myriad Black communities and educating everyone in ways to support each other from our varying perspectives.

Learn more about SOAR by contacting one or all of the people below.


Obadiah Mshindi and Monica Jones

Diversity Office

Christy Finley, EdD

SOAR career panel guests sit in front of a classroom full of PCOM employees