Teaching Anatomy: Faculty Focus on Leslie McIntosh, PhD
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Teaching Anatomy: Faculty Focus on Leslie McIntosh, PhD

March 2, 2021

Assitant Professor of anatomy Leslie McIntosh, PhD, loves teaching anatomy to medical and graduate students.As an assistant professor of anatomy, Leslie McIntosh, PhD, works closely with students in PCOM South Georgia’s anatomy lab. But that’s something she never expected to do when pursuing her graduate studies.

Dr. McIntosh earned her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University School of Dentistry for research rather than teaching.

“I felt really overwhelmed when I was learning in my first anatomy lab as a student,” she said. “I was very sensitive and reluctant to work with the cadavers, but over time I became more mature and got used to being out of my comfort zone. It was a personal growth experience.”

It’s from that uncomfortable experience that her passion for teaching grew.

“I wanted to be a good teacher and teach a difficult subject,” she said. “It’s a challenge, but I love working with professional students.”

In addition to teaching human anatomy, Dr. McIntosh has a true passion for research. It’s something she’s been involved in throughout her educational journey. While now teaching professional students, she’s able to share that passion and encourage them to participate in research.

She said, “I’m working on a few research projects right now. One project is on bone material property research, which works to understand the elastic properties of bone. The other project focuses on the shape of osteocyte cells--cells found throughout bone. This research has given us great perspective because we often think of bones as non-living structures, but they’re very much alive!”

With a love for research, anatomy and working with students, Dr. McIntosh said her goal is to create more research opportunities at PCOM South Georgia. Current Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine students are working on research projects that include writing case studies on a horseshoe kidney and an aberrant forearm extensor muscle—anomalies they’ve found during their anatomy lessons in the lab.

“I want to see a surplus of research opportunities for our students at PCOM South Georgia and for my own personal community in South Georgia,” she said.

Dean and Chief Academic Officer, H. William Craver III, DO ‘87, FACOS, said, “Dr. McIntosh not only has a passion for teaching, research and working with students, but she also focuses on incorporating overall physical and mental wellness into the students’ curriculum, which benefits them in and out of the classroom. She is an outstanding contribution to our College.”

Dr. McIntosh and her husband, Andrew, an anatomy professor at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, have two daughters ages nine and two. Her youngest daughter received cochlear implants nearly a year ago, which Dr. McIntosh said has been a “fun and rewarding experience to watch.” She adds, “I’m forever indebted to medicine and technology for giving her that opportunity.”

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