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Dermatology Club Shares Message About Sun Safety

October 31, 2023

Haley Elliott, Darya Khani and Tiffany Pittman, all second-year medical school students, set up for a recent presentationMembers of PCOM South Georgia’s Dermatology Club are on a mission to inform people in the Sunbelt about the importance of protecting their skin from sun damage. That’s why they started by educating some of the area’s youngest residents.

“There are a few reasons why we wanted to spread the importance of sun safety in South Georgia,” said Darya Khani (DO ’26), Dermatology Club president. “For one, South Georgia is a very sunny location, which makes it optimal for farming but also means the exposure residents get to the sun is very high. That is why I knew as the president of the Dermatology Club we needed to educate the younger generation, especially on good skin hygiene. I think PCOM South Georgia has the unique opportunity to get important information like sun safety to the rural communities and that starts with us, the medical students.”

In July club members, who are also student doctors, met with members of the Boys & Girls Club of Moultrie/Colquitt County to talk about some of the basics of sun safety for skin. Recently, Khani, Elliot, and Tiffany Pittman (DO ’26), Dermatology Club secretary, returned to the Boys & Girls Club for another information session. They also handed out sunscreen samples donated by Avène and Black Girl Sunscreen.

PCOM South Georgia Dermatology Club officers distribute sunscreen samples to members of the Boys and Girls Club“The kids of the Boys & Girls Club were so enthusiastic during our whole presentation,” Khani said. “When we asked what they knew about the sun, they were all jumping at the opportunity to share. At the end of the presentation, we asked them what they learned and many of them shared the ABCDE's of melanoma, the importance of wearing sunscreen every day, and also what the UV index meant.”

Dermatology Club members hope to share their mission with other groups in the area.

“People of all ages should be concerned about protecting their skin from the sun because UV radiation poses a significant health risk,” said Haley Elliott (DO ’26), Dermatology Club vice president. “Excessive sun exposure can lead to various skin issues, such as sunburn, premature aging and an increased risk of skin cancer. We showed the students of the Boys & Girls Club how to check the UV index on your weather app on your iPhone.”

Elliott continued, “Understanding the UV index is essential because it helps people gauge the intensity of UV radiation on a given day. This information allows individuals to take appropriate precautions to protect their skin from sun damage. By checking the UV index, people can determine how many hours they should stay outside, how much shade to seek or avoid outdoor activities during any peak UV hours.”

Now Dermatology Club members are ready to take their message about helping people protect their skin from sun damage to other South Georgia audiences.

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