Continuing What His Parents Started | Emeka Ikeakanam (DO ’26)
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Continuing What His Parents Started 
Black History Month

February 21, 2024

Emeka Ikeakanam with his familyCommunity is important to Emeka Ikeakanam (DO ’26). It’s something he experienced growing up, and it’s what led him to PCOM South Georgia.

“I really enjoy being here,” he said. “Seeing familiar faces and being able to know everybody is something you can’t really get anywhere else. You receive support in ways you don’t expect.”

Growing up, Ikeakanam witnessed his parents give back to others in immeasurable ways. His father, Bosco, and mother, Roseline, continue to sponsor children back in their home country of Nigeria so they can go to school, eat well, and thrive. 

“My parents always wanted me to strive to the top, but they also taught me that it’s not just about attaining high status. It’s also about what you can do to give back,” he said. “I believe they also sponsor food for their villages every Christmas. That connection to Nigeria, and my upbringing as a whole, helped develop my passion to be an advocate in healthcare.”

Emeka Ikeakanam and Taste the World participantsAs a kid, Ikeakanam would cook boxed cakes for school and participate in bake sales. His love of cooking led to an interest in culinary medicine. Located in a food desert, PCOM South Georgia puts Ikeakanam in the perfect place to pursue that passion.

“First, make sure the food tastes good,” he said. “Second, think about how you can make that healthy for yourself. Why can’t you make healthy food that tastes good?”

Volunteering with the Moultrie-Colquitt County Boys & Girls Club, Ikeakanam hopes to spread that mindset to the younger generations by working with them in their community garden. He isn’t interested in giving just a few hours of his time and moving on to the next thing. His goal is to make a lasting impact on each child he interacts with.

“I want to make sure I'm staying consistent because one thing that many of these kids don’t have sometimes is consistent role models in their lives,” he shared. “While I'm not necessarily perfect in any form of fashion, the one thing I can offer is some type of consistency. If I'm able to come up there at least once a week, then it shows that someone cares about them.”

Emeka IkeakanamBalancing volunteering with his school work is no small task, yet somehow Ikeakanam has also become involved in five clubs and organizations. He is the President of the Nutrition and Medicine Club, Vice President of the Physical Medicine and Rehab Club, a member of the Student Ambassadors, Co-Chair of Brothers in Medicine, and Community Liaison for SNMA. If you’re asking yourself, ‘What can’t he do?,’ the answer is nothing. Ikeakanam is committed to breaking barriers and giving back to others along the way.

“I want to continue what my parents started in Nigeria,” he said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean being a physician to the people there. It can be buying rice for the community or assisting with tuition. The heart of it really is, ‘How much help can you give back to raise that bottom line?’ and ‘How can you help those that need it in whatever way you can?’”

From February 1 to February 29, PCOM joins others around the country in observing Black History Month. This important celebration honors the histories, cultures and contributions of those who identify as Black or African American. At PCOM, we recognize our faculty, students and staff who identify as such and will highlight their stories throughout the month.

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