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Memorial Services 
2020 and 2021

2021 Memorial service

Through the generosity of anatomical donors, PCOM South Georgia's first-year medical and graduate students are able to complete hands-on training to learn the human body. Students and faculty held the 2021 memorial service to honor body donors and their families and thank them for their contributions to medical education. Read more at

2020 Memorial Service

Message from the DO Class

To the families and loved ones of our beloved donors,

Due to the restrictions put in place surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, we disappointingly are unable to host you all for our 2020 Donor Memorial Service. Despite this, we would still like to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the sacrifice you and your loved ones have made through the PCOM Donor Body Program.

Your family member holds a special place in our hearts. They were not only our first patients; they were our greatest teachers. The countless hours we spent with your loved ones learning the intricacies of the human body will forever shape our futures as physicians. Through your family member’s donation, we gained a greater appreciation for human life, spirituality and love.

Again, we are deeply saddened that we were unable to meet you, hear your loved one’s stories, and express our gratitude in person. Know that your loved one’s journey facilitated our mastery of the anatomical foundations of medicine, leaving a legacy that will touch the lives of our future patients. Their act of love and selflessness has been the greatest gift we could ever receive as medical students and again we thank you.


The students of the inaugural DO class
PCOM South Georgia

Student Notes

Hurara K., OMS I

“I am so beyond grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn from this experience- one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I developed one of my deepest human connections with her. I spent countless hours with her between the hours of 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. learning everything I could about her in such a short period of time. I developed an understanding of the intricacies of her body which allowed her to live a beautiful and long life. I wish I could have known her in person-all of the great things she accomplished and the memories she made during her lifetime.”

Shelby F., OMS I

“Being able to learn and study the human body is such a humbling and humanizing experience. This gift that has been given to me and my fellow classmates is priceless and we are forever thankful to be given the opportunity to attend to our first patients in the anatomy laboratory. We have been taught by them to know not just biology, but kindness, respect and appreciation. Not only we, but our future patients are forever indebted to the generosity of these beloved donors.”

Jessica Y., OMS I

“Thank you for supporting them in making this decision because it was truly life changing for me and all my fellow classmates. I would like to acknowledge the sacrifice they’ve made for the future of medicine- they are truly heroes in my eyes. Your family and your loved one will always be in my prayers. I can only strive to be as brave and contribute to the world just as they have.”

Jazmoné K., OMS I

“I'll always remember my first patient. Because of the selflessness of your loved one and your family, I have learned life lessons that will transcend beyond the classroom into my practice. I know that I will be a better physician because of this sacrifice, and I am so thankful and appreciative of your loved one’s generous gift.“