Shamaza Rivers-Johnson | MS in Biomedical Sciences Program
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MS in Biomedical Sciences at PCOM Georgia 
Shamaza Rivers-Johnson

December 20, 2022

Shamaza Rivers-Johnson (MS/Biomed '23) has a goal to become a family physician and treat underserved patients in her community. She shares how PCOM Georgia's Masters in Biomedical Sciences program is preparing her for medical school. She also explains how the biomed program allows her to conduct research alongside faculty members and explore phytochemicals and how they may be able to treat multiple myeloma.

About PCOM's Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program

A graduate degree in biomedical sciences will provide you with the skills and knowledge to pursue various careers in health care, science and research. Learn how PCOM Georgia helps you develop a solid academic base to meet your professional goals by exploring the our Biomedical Sciences program, downloading our program brochure or completing our online request information form.