School Psychology Student Rachel Diaz (PsyD) | PCOM
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PsyD in School Psychology Program 
Rachel Diaz's Story

March 30, 2023

Rachel Diaz describes how PCOM's PsyD in School Psychology program is preparing her to work in underserved school districts and juvenile detention centers. She explains that school psychology prepares her to work with children in both school and clinical settings.

PCOM's Doctor of Psychology in School Psychology Program

PCOM's school psychology programs prepare graduates to apply practical skills to understand and enhance how children learn. Students in the PsyD in School Psychology program learn the concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy, applied behavior analysis and neuropsychology to help children learn and succeed. The program's multicultural focus prepares school psychologists to have a positive impact on diverse communities and school systems.

Learn more about PCOM's school psychology programs, download our program brochure or complete our online request information form.