Mission and Core Values | Physician Assistant Studies at PCOM
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Mission and Core Values 
Physician Assistant Studies

The program's mission is to educate and mentor highly qualified physician assistants students to become competent, compassionate healthcare providers who embrace cultural diversity, inclusion, and equity, which is supported through scholarly activity and a broad range of clinical practice experiences.


Educational Philosophy

For students to thrive in the field of medicine they must not only develop a substantial fund of knowledge, but they must acquire skills to be life-long learners. It is the goal of PCOM physician assistant program faculty to foster critical thinking and prepare students to develop the problem-solving skills they will need in clinical practice.

Using multiple modalities of instruction, students will actively engage in the material. Through small group work, problem-based learning, and practical application of information, students develop key characteristics of a future health care provider such as teamwork, communication skills and responsibility to other members of the group. The didactic and clinical curriculum of PCOM’s physician assistant program will empower our graduates to be leaders in the health care community, striving for excellence in all academic and professional endeavors while helping to provide health care for those in need.

PCOM PA program students pose for a class photo wearing their white coats.

Core Values

Physician Assistant Studies Program


1. We will be accountable for our professional and personal behavior.

2. We will be mindful of the daily responsibility we have to our patients, peers and members of the health care team to be compassionate and caring.

3. We will conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner, in concert with the AAPA code of ethics, in relationships with students, peers, faculty and other health care professionals.

4. We will be honest and truthful in all our professional dealings within and outside of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies.

5. We will encourage new ideas and approaches to learning.

Diversity and Inclusion

1. We will show respect to all people without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender.

2. We will value and support each individual for what is unique and what unites us.

3. We will strive to ensure that each person can achieve his or her full potential.

4. We will work to create a culture and an environment that recognizes and appreciates the talents, skills and perspectives of each individual to achieve the program’s mission and goals. 


1. We will foster respect for each other and our peers on a daily basis.

2. We will show concern for the professional and personal well-being of one another.

3. We will continue to strive for positive change, lifelong learning and personal improvement.

4. We will exhibit the highest degree of moral character, professional excellence, quality and competence in all that we do.