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Faculty Highlight: Kimberly L Barefield, PharmD, MBA, CDE, BCPS

January 2, 2018

Kimberly BarefieldThis month's faculty highlight features Kimberly L Barefield, PharmD, MBA, CDE, BCPS, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice.

Why did you choose a career in pharmacy education?

During my career as a hospital pharmacist I enjoyed precepting students in both institutional and clinical aspects of inpatient practice. A former supervisor approached me regarding a career in pharmacy education which would allow me to continue practicing and bring my experience into the classroom. I had thought about Academia in the past, but really had not pursued a position. I wanted to be a teacher while growing up, but then became interested in science upon entering college. A career in pharmacy education does give me the best of both worlds. It allows me to continue practicing as a clinician, but also offers more time to be dedicated to teaching and precepting of students.

What advice do you have for a person considering a career in pharmacy?

It is a rewarding career that requires a lot of patience and understanding. I have experience in many different areas of pharmacy practice, and find that working in pharmacy education allows me to continue practicing clinically while bringing this experience into the classroom.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Definitely chocolate.