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20 Things We Should Say More Often

December 2, 2020
Brent Rollins is a professor of pharmacy practice at PCOM School of Pharmacy in Suwanee, Georgia.By Brent Rollins, PhD, RPh, associate professor of pharmacy practice, for the Fall 2020 issue of PharmDigest

Recently, one of your classmates reached out to me and asked if there was anything exciting that had happened that I’d like to share for the Digest. Well, I didn’t really know, so I asked “exciting for me or exciting in general?” Her response became more focused, looking for encouraging and uplifting words during these unique and trying times. I let her request marinate, trying to figure out how to be both encouraging and uplifting in an academic and just plain human sense. Then, it came to me. Something I have saved on my phone from author Jon Gordon re-appeared on social media.

The current P3s should remember who Jon Gordon is, as he’s the author of the Power of a Positive Team book we went through in the Personal & Professional Development II course last winter (and the P2s will dive into this winter). In that course, we learned how to do things like change our perspective from “have to” to “get to.” For example, I don’t “have to” workout, I “get” the opportunity to improve my overall physical and mental health. Below is what I described above from Mr. Gordon, and we’re going to look at a few of them and maybe how we can all apply them.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” Well, that is often true, but, as Gordon says “the words we speak matter. They help to shape the world around us.” Thus, let’s examine a handful of the 20 things we should say more often.

#1 – I love you.

Family, friends, spouse, significant other and just other important individuals in your life. A whole host of individuals in our lives have helped us get through the craziness that has been COVID-19. Never stop letting them know what they mean to you.

#4 – The best is yet to come.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. We will be back together in the classroom, building and all across campus learning and working to help make you the best pharmacist you can be. Before you know it, you will be a practicing pharmacist, taking care of patients and being a leader within your community.

#5 – Stay positive.

In you are a sports fan, you probably watched “The Last Dance” documentary that ESPN did during the height of quarantine life on Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. The entire documentary was fantastic, but the biggest revelation was how overwhelmingly positive Michael Jordan was, at one point saying “why should I be afraid of a shot I haven’t taken yet.” His belief in himself and the continual choice he made to stay positive no matter what is something we all can choose to be. 

#9 – I’m here for you when you want to talk.

I’m quite certain I speak for all of the faculty when I say we are here for you. We are here to ensure your success. If you are struggling to understand concepts, reach out. If you aren’t performing on exams as well as you’d like, let’s discuss. Our current world has physically pushed us away from each other, but that does not mean we are not here for you. If an email, quick Google Meet or even the tried and true phone call is needed, we are here for you if you need to talk.

#16 – You’re not alone.

The opposite might seem true in our current state of living, but it is not true. You are not alone in this journey. As I mentioned above, we as a faculty/school are here to ensure your success. As classmates, I know the GroupMe is always flowing with information, but also use it to reach out to your fellow classmates, share positive news or daily motivations. 

#19 – Thank you.

Two simple words we undoubtedly don’t say enough. Thank you for your perseverance and patience through all of this. Thank you for your efforts to engage in class. Thank you for doing your part to follow the protocols our school has set up. Thank you for all your help with accreditation. Most of all, thank you for choosing to be a part of the PCOM family.

#20 – There is greatness inside you.

If we as a school didn’t believe that, you wouldn’t be here. We must all remember, though, that greatness comes in many shapes and sizes. Giving a classmate a ride to school when they need it, helping each other understand what’s going on in class or sending a positive text when you know someone has had a bad day. In the end, your actions, especially on assessments and exams, are vital, but how you speak and the words you use matter just as much in our profession. Choose them wisely, don’t forget the words above, and go be great today!

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