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Hands-on Learning

The Dr. Michael and Wendy Saltzburg Clinical Learning & Assessment Center

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The Dr. Michael and Wendy Saltzburg Clinical Learning & Assessment Center

Bringing together the latest in technology with the most essential hands-on medical instruction, the Dr. Michael and Wendy Saltzburg Clinical Learning & Assessment Center provides a cutting-edge learning environment for students on our Philadelphia campus.


The Saltzburg Clinical Learning & Assessment Center is an 11,000-square-foot facility that opened in January 2014 and was dedicated in April 2014. Located on the fourth floor of Rowland Hall, the Saltzburg Center houses 15 patient rooms, four simulator training rooms, an OR, ER/trauma bay, an ICU/CCU/medical surgery suite, and a cadre of high-fidelity robotic simulators, virtual simulators and task trainers.

The Saltzburg Center provides a safe, controlled and fully monitored environment for all PCOM students to learn and practice clinical skills, develop communication abilities and demonstrate mastery of clinical competencies.

Named for alumnus Michael C. Saltzburg, DO '77, and his wife, Wendy, the Saltzburg Center was funded by significant gifts made by the Saltzburgs as well as generous contributions from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program and other donors.

The Saltzburg Clinical Learning & Assessment Center began with the introduction of the standardized patient program in the late 1980s. In order to prepare second-year students for upcoming clinical rotations, fourth-year students and residents served as patient actors. In the mid-1990s, trained actors replaced students and residents, and PCOM dedicated its first clinical learning lab using encounters recorded on video. In 2003, PCOM was one of the first osteopathic medical schools to acquire a full-body, programmable human patient simulator.