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Printing Solutions

We provide a wide range of services including:

  • High quality single- and multiple-color printed products and related binding services including, but not limited to, letterheads, envelopes, business and appointment cards, forms, brochures, manuals, self-mailers and high-quality marketing products.
  • High-volume copy production and binding of course lecture notes and syllabi.
  • Quality single- and full-color networked digital printing and single- and full-color copies.
  • Manipulation and formatting of PC and Mac files for digital and high-resolution output processes.
  • Typesetting and design services.
  • Consultation and advice for all printing, copying and binding projects.
  • Consultation and advice for the purchase of Ricoh copiers and related supplies and services.
  • Wrapping, shipping, mailing and faxing services for the College community.
  • Poster printing with foam board mounting and lamination available.
  • Document destruction services are available.
  • Message postings on digital signage promoting on-campus events, activities, programs and services of interest to the College community and campus visitors. For policy and procedures information about digital signage, please visit the employee resources section of myPCOM.
  • Consultation and advice to PCOM and PCOM Georgia student organizations and departments offering the service of ordering general promotional products and giveaway items for their activities and events.
  • Management of the PCOM Apparel Kiosk located in Evans Hall.

How to Order Printing and Copying Services

We are able to print from most of the common PC and Macs applications and provide a wide range of binding options. There are several ways to place your order:


New Projects

To order a new project, call Printing Solutions at 215-871-6670 to discuss the details of your project.

When placing your order through UniMarket choose Printing Solutions as a supplier. You have three options to place your order:

  1. Search the catalog for your item and place your order.
  2. If your item is not listed in the catalog, order the item by choosing the Create a Non Catalog item.
  3. You may request a quote through UniMarket. Once we receive the requisition number from UniMarket we will begin working on your project.

Repeat Projects

For all repeat orders with or without changes we request a sample as either a hard copy or a scanned image.

Project Files and Proofs

You may attach your file to an email and send it to either or We will deliver or email a proof of the project to you in order to ensure that no changes have occurred in the electronic transmission of your file to our printer(s). We create a proof and require approvals on almost every project we print. When you receive a proof for your project, check it carefully. Pay special attention to spelling, grammar, content, position of type and art elements as well as overall appearance. We will print exactly what you approve.

Additional Information

If you need additional information regarding printing and copying services or about copiers or digital printers, please contact:

Terrence Hill
Printing Solutions Manager
Phone: 215-871-6671

Victor Sawyer
Printing Solutions Assistant
Phone: 215-871-6638

Contact Us

PCOM Printing Solutions
4190 City Avenue, Suite 101
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Phone: 215-871-6670
Fax: 215-871-6674

Terrence Hill
Printing Solutions Manager
Phone: 215-871-6671