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Distribution Services 
Mailing, Courier and Parcel Services

Distribution Services supports the mission of PCOM by providing cost-competitive, material-oriented products and services. We strive to minimize costs while optimizing convenience for the College community.



Our mail and shipping services include:

  • Pickup, distribution and delivery of all United States Postal Service and inter-office mail for operations at each location.
  • Management and completion of larger volume standard mail projects including envelope insertion, tabbing, mail-merge printing, labeling and barcoding functions.
  • Shipping of all outgoing parcels, packages, cartons and bulk items for all corporate operations through the most cost- and time-effective carriers.
  • Recording of costs incurred by individual departments and the reporting of same to the appropriate accounting department.
  • Ensuring corporate compliance of all applicable United States Postal Service regulations.
  • Securing of maximum United States Postal Service discounts for all mailing activity.
Pickup and delivery times

Regularly scheduled pickup and delivery of mail to all PCOM departments occurs at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST each business day. Please make sure all mail complies with PCOM Distribution Services’ USPS Mail Policy and Procedure [PDF].

Bulk mailing

College departments with outgoing mail consisting of 200 or more pieces of the same item(s) are encouraged to consider standard (bulk) mail in order to realize savings of up to 60 percent in postage costs.

Contact Distribution Services for additional information including the coordination of the processes associated with standard mail projects (printing, data merging, folding, inserting, addressing, tabbing, labeling, etc.). Please schedule all standard mail projects in advance as completion times may range from one day to two weeks depending upon the scope of the project.

Distribution Services at the Philadelphia location manages arrangements for the pickup and delivery of time- and cost-sensitive documents and communications by courier. Email distributionservices@pcom.edu to schedule a courier pickup or delivery.

Our division provides for the purchase and delivery of high-volume-use office supplies. Contact Distribution Services to obtain the appropriate requisition forms for various high-volume standardized printed products, office supplies and copier, fax and printer supplies. Items purchased are charged to the appropriate department cost center.

Completed forms must be approved and sent via email or fax to:

Email: distributionservices@pcom.edu
Fax: 215-871-6659

PCOM Georgia
Email: gadistributionservices@pcom.edu
Fax: 678-225-7578

Distribution Services handles the storage and distribution of all Ricoh copier and digital printer supplies and toner and ink cartridges for a wide variety of inkjet and laser printers.

Our division recycles all of PCOM's used ink jet printer, laser printer and fax toner cartridges. Please recycle your empty PCOM ink cartridges by sending them by interoffice mail or bringing them to:

Distribution Services, Suite LL-034 in the Hassman Academic Center

PCOM Georgia
Suite 1114 in the Old Peachtree building

Our division documents the receipt, delivery and tagging of all capital acquisitions. College policy mandates all capital purchases will be assigned an asset control number and have an asset control tag affixed which identifies the property as being purchased and owned by PCOM. Details regarding Distribution Services’ policy and procedure for tagging capital purchases are available in the employee resources section of MyPCOM.

As custodians of restricted information, PCOM has an obligation to ensure all information pertaining to administration, faculty, staff, students and patients remains strictly confidential and that all documents be properly disposed of in a manner that ensures confidentiality and minimizes liability and risk. Distribution Services provides for the secure pick-up, shredding and disposal of documents and appropriate documentation of the activity. Visit the employee resources section of MyPCOM to review policy and procedure regarding records retention.


PCOM Georgia

To obtain information about the purchase of fax machines, call Doris Williams-Powell at 215-871-6672 or email dorisp@pcom.edu.

Contact information and staff

Distribution Services - Philadelphia campus

4170 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Hassman Academic Center, Suite 034 (Lower level)

Phone: 215-871-6683 | Fax: 215-871-6659
Email: distributionservices@pcom.edu


Doris Williams-Powell - Director
Email: dorisp@pcom.edu

William Bright - Assistant Director
Email: williambr1@pcom.edu

Monique Cureton - Distribution Services Coordinator
Email: moniquecu@pcom.edu

Harry Paschall - Senior Storeroom Clerk
Email: harrypa@pcom.edu

Distribution Services - PCOM Georgia

625 Old Peachtree Road NW
Old Peachtree Building, Suite 1114
Suwanee, GA 30024

Phone: 770-682-2344  | Fax: 678-225-7578
Email: gadistributionservices@pcom.edu


Emory Gordon - Supervisor of Distribution Services
Email: emorygo@pcom.edu

Kossi Koku-Katemepi - Lead Distribution Services Clerk
Email: kossiko1@pcom.edu

Please contact the PCOM Georgia office for assistance.

Phone: 770-682-2344 | Fax: 678-225-7578
Email: gadistributionservices@pcom.edu