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Occupational and Environmental Safety

PCOM's Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety is responsible for ensuring that PCOM facilities and work environments are consistent with all institutional, city, state, and federal safety policies, codes and regulations.

The department plans, implements, monitors and reviews the environmental safety strategies at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia. The department also undertakes inspections, carries out accident investigations, keeps records and prepares safety case reports.

Departmental overview

  • Conduct occupational and environmental safety inspections of facilities and work environments.
  • Conduct general surveillance of all safety activities, including investigations of exposures, accidents, spills, losses, thefts, unauthorized receipts, uses, transfers, disposals and other deviations from approved safety practices, and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Ensure that hazardous materials are used in compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Provide training for personnel who work in or frequent areas where contact with blood-borne pathogens is likely.
  • Conduct or coordinate training in areas such as safety laws and regulations, hazardous condition monitoring, emergency response and use of safety equipment.

Hazardous or chemical spills information

In the event of any hazardous material or chemical spills, isolate the spill, limit access to the area and contact PCOM Public Safety immediately. Do not attempt to handle the spill yourself. PCOM Public Safety will contact a representative of the Occupational and Environmental Safety staff who will coordinate clean-up efforts.

Contact Public Safety

PCOM - 215-871-6351
PCOM Georgia - 678-225-7451
PCOM South Georgia - 229-668-3290

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Occupational and Environmental Safety Department
Phone: 215-871-6360