PCOM Style Guidelines and Research Poster Policies
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Style Guidelines and Resources 
Marketing and Communications

Whether you need help with a poster presentation or want to know the proper way to reproduce PCOM's logo, we offer resources to assist with your marketing and communications needs.

PCOM Style Guidelines

The Office of Marketing and Communications manages PCOM's style guidelines so community members are aware how to properly utilize the PCOM logo, brand elements, writing style, social media platforms and more.

The PCOM brand is our College's story and how our students, employees, peers and external audiences think, feel and respond when they hear "PCOM." The PCOM Brand Style Guide (PDF) explains our positioning statement, focus pillars, tone, trademarks and more.

The PCOM Graphic Style Guide (PDF) has been created to serve as a resource for printed and online materials for PCOM and its additional locations. Use of this style guide will ensure that a consistent image of PCOM is presented by internally and externally.

The purpose of the PCOM Digital Style Guide (PDF) is to ensure consistent brand usage across the College's online channels including websites, digital ads, social media channels and email communications.

The PCOM Social Media Style Guide (PDF) is designed to help the PCOM community make appropriate decisions when participating in social media initiatives and activities either personally or on behalf of the College. This guide serves as a complement to PCOM's existing Social Media Policy (PDF).

The PCOM Editorial Style Guide (PDF) helps College communicators follow a style that is consistent and appropriate for print and online materials written for and about PCOM. In general, PCOM uses The Associated Press Stylebook for published content. PCOM's editorial guide covers items not mentioned in the AP stylebook, notes items you will likely encounter and indicates exceptions.

 The PCOM website is one of the most important communication and marketing tools for the entire College community. PCOM's Website Content Guidelines explain how the web team and the College's departments review, update and develop content. The web team is available to assist with content development, updates (including program pages, faculty pages and event listings), page creation and more.

Research Poster Guidelines

Our office assists students, faculty and staff with printing research posters and ensuring PCOM's logos and brand elements are used correctly.

Research Poster Guidelines (PDF)

The research poster request form can be found in myPCOM.


If you need further assistance, please contact us at 215-871-6300 or communications@pcom.edu.