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PCOM Brand

The look, feel and voice of the College

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The PCOM Brand

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine is more than a college—it is also a brand. Our brand is not just our logo, colors, photos or advertising. While those are all part of it, they are not all of it.

Our brand is our entire story. It’s the story of unique experiences you can’t find elsewhere. It’s the story of instructors who see the whole student, and teach them to see the whole patient. It’s a story about the kind of health care that humanity needs, and the students, faculty, staff and alumni who are using it to build a healthier world.

PCOM's Office of Marketing and Communications has earned numerous honors related to creative work, some of which is connected with the launch of the brand.

What is a brand?

A brand is a personal perception. Simply put, our brand is what students, employees, community members, peers, and outside observers think, feel, and respond to when they hear the words: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Our brand is our entire story.

Keep in mind that this perception looks and feels different to each individual. Ultimately, by creating a strong and versatile brand, we continue to shape the way people think and feel about PCOM, for the better.

How did we develop the PCOM brand?

Through a discovery process. PCOM engaged with brand agency 160over90 and interviewed students, faculty, staff and administrators. That process led to the development of PCOM's brand.

Examples in the marketplace

The brand features bold design elements, colors and photography, along with a philosophy that fully encompasses the many unique facets of PCOM. It solidifies PCOM's place as a leader in health education and represents how the institution is shaping the future of health.


View our latest videos on PCOM's YouTube channel or learn about our student stories.

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Social Media

Explore our most recent social media posts and campaigns on our social wall or visit our social media directory.

PCOM brand social media post highlighting Black History Month

PCOM brand social media post featuring National Women Physician Day

PCOM social media post highlighting a faculty member teaching medics in Syria

Social media post showcasing pet therapy visits at PCOM Georgia

Social media post promoting hands-on learning opportunities at PCOM South Georgia

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Digital Advertisements

These are examples of digital advertisements that display on websites and social media feeds.

PCOM digital ad with a young woman's face and the text "Educating the Frontlines of Health" PCOM animated digital ad digital ad "Educating the Frontlines of Health"


You can view our billboards on roadways around Philadelphia, PA, as well as Suwanee and Moultrie, GA.

PCOM billboard "Educating the Frontlines of Health"
PCOM Georgia billboard "PCOM Georgia: A Health Education Fueld by Humanity"
PCOM South Georgia billboard "Educating the Frontlines of Health Right Here in South Georgia"
PCOM psychology programs billboard
Artwork of a gold medal and text "award winner"

Print Advertisements

Our print advertisements can be found in higher education publications.

PCOM diversity print advertisement PCOM print ad featuring a female grad student looking up and the text: "An Education Centered in Humanity"
PCOM South Georgia print ad showing the front of campus, medical students smiling and the text: "Educating Future Physicians Right Here in South Georgia" PCOM Georgia print ad featuring a female grad student smiling and the text: "Humanity is Shaping Health Care for a Brighter Future. Discover an Educatio in Whole Person Health"


Digest, PCOM's magazine for alumni, community members and friends, reports on professional trends in health care and osteopathic medicine.

Photos of featured stories from PCOM Digest Magazine publication

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The PCOM Perspectives podcast is hosted by the College's President and CEO Jay Feldstein, DO '81. In this monthly podcast, Dr. Feldstein meets with students, faculty and staff from PCOM's three locations to discuss health care, research and other topics.

PCOM Perspectives podcast graphic


Office of Marketing and Communications
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