Frequently Asked Questions
New Cohesive Identity System


Why do we need a cohesive identity system?

As the College has expanded and introduced new locations, there has arisen a need to develop a [simple] naming convention that works across all locations (different states and demographics). This need has resulted in the foundation of our new cohesive identity system.

How should I refer to the names of the various College locations?

The College's campus, branch campus, and additional location names are as follows:

Why is there a new name for GA-PCOM?

The name PCOM Georgia is reflective of our cohesive identity system that can grow with additional locations and will strengthen the overall College brand. In addition, the change to PCOM Georgia more simply and accurately describes the College's presence in the state of Georgia and better speaks to the breadth and depth of the region the College serves.

Where can I obtain additional information about the new cohesive identity system?

Students, faculty and staff should consult the PCOM Graphic Style Guide and PCOM Editorial Style Guide located on myPCOM (see the "Marketing Templates, Guides and Policies" section on the Documents and Forms page). The Office of Marketing and Communications is also available to serve as a resource and to provide guidance. Email