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Student Affairs

PCOM students share a unique passion and commitment to both their professional ambitions and to the community.

The Office of Student Affairs at each location provides a variety of support services to enable our students to reach their personal and professional goals. Learn about campus life at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia as well as student clubs, organizations and leadership opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resources for Students

Student counseling and mental wellness

Students at PCOM's locations have access to numerous mental health and wellness resources including in-person and virtual counseling.

Academic support

The Office of Student Affairs at each PCOM location coordinates access to a variety of academic support services including tutoring, enrichment programs and more.

Professional and career development

Our office provides professional and career support services for students enrolled in the College's medical and graduate programs.

Contact the Office of Student Affairs


Phone: 215-871-6870
Location: Student Affairs Office, Evans Hall E108D (next to the library)

PCOM Georgia

Phone: 678-225-7510
Location: Student Affairs Suite (in the Old Peachtree Building)

PCOM South Georgia

Phone: 229-668-3131
Location: Student Affairs Suite 161