Student Mental Health, Wellness and Counseling at PCOM
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  Crisis Hotlines

Georgia Crisis Line:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
Call 988

Crisis Text Line:
Text the word HOME to 741741

All crisis lines can be reached 24/7.


Student Counseling 
Mental Health and Wellness

Counseling is a free service provided for all currently enrolled students at PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia

About Student Counseling Services

The most common student concerns brought up in counseling are personal growth, academic difficulties and career indecision, adjustment to professional school, self-confidence, depression and anxiety, relationship conflicts, eating disorders, controlling the use of alcohol and other drugs.

We use a collaborative process that involves the development of a unique, confidential and supportive relationship between the counselor and student. In these relationships, counselors facilitate conversations that seek to understand the student and their situation. This process is intended to guide the student to a stronger and healthier person. Through discussing their issues, students develop an ability to make better choices as well as take responsibility for actions with themselves, other relationships and even their academics.

Types of Counseling Available


This treatment modality is offered on an as needed basis to work through personal concerns. Individual therapy is generally short term.

Group counseling

Counseling in groups offers a broad range of insight and support from peers. Some groups deal with general concerns and personal growth; others have a more specific focus such as stress, coping and loss.


Workshops, wellness programming and events provide information appropriate to the personal and professional development of medical and graduate students. Past outreach initiatives include: yoga and tai chi classes, puppy therapy and workshops on topics such as healthy relationships, resilience and stress management.

Student Counseling Services at Each Campus

Ruth Conboy, DNP, LPC

Senior Associate Director of Counseling
Phone: 215-871-6606

Natashja Rinaldo-James, BSW, MS, LPC, RYT

Personal Support Counselor
Phone: 215-871-7151

Center for Brief Therapy

The Center for Brief Therapy (CBT) is located in Rowland Hall, Suite 530. CBT is a comprehensive outpatient clinic serving the greater Philadelphia area as well as PCOM students.

Note: Due to a conflict of interest, the CBT cannot see PCOM psychology students for therapy services. These students may seek therapy services at no charge from Ruth Conboy, Natashja Rinaldo-James, or through our virtual and off-campus resources.

Leanne Henry-Miller, LPC, MFT

Senior Associate Director of Counseling
Phone: 678-225-7537

Christin Zipperer, LPC, NCC

Personal Support Counselor
Phone: 229-668-3207

Off-campus/external counseling services