Patrick Mullen
Mental Health Counseling

Patrick Mullen (MS/MHC ‘18) has seen the disease of addiction take a toll on his community. Using his mental health counseling training and education from PCOM, Patrick hopes to give back to his community by helping combat the epidemic he has witnessed.

Through his own personal experiences, Patrick has developed a passion for—and sees the power in—helping others by working in a profession he said chose him rather than him choosing it.

The MS in Mental Health Counseling program at PCOM not only provides students with training to help those fighting addiction, but also training in cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling in medical settings. The program can be completed in two years by many full-time students.

Interested in a rewarding career path which provides the opportunity to directly help others? Visit our Mental Health Counseling pages, download our program brochure or complete our online request information form.