Casey Wilson: Why I Chose the Positive Psychology Program at PCOM
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Casey Wilson: Why I Chose the Positive Psychology Program at PCOM

May 22, 2023

From a very young age, Casey Wilson learned the value of resilience and building upon adversity. Those lessons, taught by her mother and grandmother, instilled an interest in the benefits of positivity.

Casey Wilson
Casey Wilson

“Throughout my undergraduate career I studied introduction courses and basic foundations that were focused only on deficits and past traumas,” Wilson recounted.

Her life, she said, was already full of “acknowledgment of the bad” so she began searching for an alternative way of helping others improve their outlook.

“We as human beings can surpass our expectations, we just need the proper tools,” Wilson said.

Initially, Wilson planned to apply to medical school at PCOM but was curious about other program opportunities.

“I came across the MAPP program and thought, ‘how perfect!’,” she explained. “The holistic idealism that PCOM holds blended into a mastery-level psychology program focused on the flourishing of the human condition was aligned exactly with what my purpose is leading to.”

For now, Wilson will continue studying on her own to further develop an understanding of concepts taught in PCOM’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. She also plans to study for the MCAT and eventually apply to PCOM’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) program.

According to Wilson, she expects to use the knowledge gained in the MAPP program throughout the duration of her career, whatever path she ends up taking.

“My experience with the MAPP program was illuminating,” she said. “I was able to better understand myself and how I can utilize my strengths to serve others and also build a sense of confidence in self-efficacy in those around me.”

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