Nicole Parisi: Why I Chose the Positive Psychology Program at PCOM
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Nicole Parisi: Why I Chose the Positive Psychology Program at PCOM

May 22, 2023

Nicole Parisi has been studying psychology since high school. After earning an associate’s degree with a concentration in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in research psychology, Parisi wanted to continue learning.

Nicole Parisi
Nicole Parisi

“I have explored topics ranging from mental healthcare accessibility for military veterans, to virtual reality-augmented mindfulness,” she said. “When I learned about the vast frontier of positive psychology, I was intrigued.”

Parisi began to research ways to get involved in the field. That research led her to PCOM’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology program.

“Nesting positive psychology within a college of osteopathic medicine is a brilliant approach to whole-person wellness education,” Parisi said.

After her interview with Dr. Scott Glassman, MAPP program director, Parisi knew PCOM was the right fit.

“PCOM's MAPP program has done an excellent job of teaching the foundations and applications of positive psychology through empirical research, real-world examples, and hands-on experience,” Parisi explained.

Each course, she added, follows PCOM's mission statement by emphasizing whole-person care, collaboration in the community, and the significance of diversity and inclusion.

“The vital role of positive psychology in the field of osteopathic medicine is made clear every day,” Parisi said.

Another important aspect of the program for Parisi—her fellow students.

“I am so grateful for my cohort,” she said. “We have been deeply connected since day one, and it has been an invaluable experience of academic resources, moral support and lightness.”

Parisi also had high praise for the MAPP program faculty.

“It is clear that Dr. Glassman and his faculty truly care about the well-being of their students, and aim to set them up with tools for success,” she said. “Not only have we learned the key concepts of positive psychology and how to apply them in the world, we have also been encouraged to incorporate the full scope of wellness into our everyday lives.”

Parisi’s future goals include gaining more experience as an educator, contributing to research and continuing her studies at the doctoral level.

“I have become aware of my strengths and how they can help me achieve my goals, both personally and professionally. My experiences in this program have made me confident and excited about the future,” she said. “We will graduate with the knowledge, experience, and spirit needed to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of others.”

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