Forensic Medicine Course Sequence | Master of Science (MS) Program
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MS in Forensic Medicine Course Sequence

The information listed below is from the current course catalog. Terms, sequences, courses and credit hours are subject to change at any time without notice.


Students who have not been assigned a specific biology requirement to complete will be required to take FMED 499 Basic Human Biology in Forensic Medicine in the Summer. This is a three credit pass/fail course but does not count towards the requirement for the MS in Forensics Program. This requirement must be successfully completed to continue to the Fall term.

First year courses are on-campus except for FMED 500 - Pathology for Forensic Medicine.  That course will be online.

All second year courses are online courses.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Term 1Hours
FMED 500 Pathology for Forensic Medicine (Online course) 4
Term 2
FMED 501 Principles of Forensic Medicine I 6
Term 3
FMED 502 Principles of Forensic Medicine II 6
Second Year
Term 1
FMED 504 Research Design & Methodology 4
Term 2
FMED 506 Evidence-Based Approach to Forensic Medicine 4
Term 3
FMED 505 Bioethics in Professional Practice 4
Term 4
FMED 513 Law and Evidentiary Procedure 4
Term 5
FMED 508 Capstone: Integrative Experience 8
 Total Hours40