OMM Clinical Scholars Program 
Philadelphia Campus

OMM Clinical Scholars start the program at the beginning of their third year of osteopathic medical school, after going through an application period and interview with the OMM Department Faculty. The application process starts in the winter term of the second year of study.

PCOM OMM Clinical Scholars have special academic and clinical opportunities and responsibilities beyond those of other students, which includes helping to teach first and second year osteopathic medical students in OMM lab settings, OMM review sessions and OMM tutoring. They also spend an additional 12 months working with OMM faculty, seeing patients in the PCOM OMM Practice. This extends the clinical clerkship curriculum to three years, rather than the traditional two. While the emphasis is on OMM clinical experience and teaching, some scholars also work with ongoing OMM research projects.


Read testimonials from OMM Clinical Scholar participants:

"The scholars program allows you to truly understand the relevance of OMT and its utility while building on your clinical skills. It drastically enhances your manipulative abilities and broadens your knowledge base in a way that is applicable in any field of practice."

"I am constantly amazed at the growth I have seen in myself as far as clinical judgment and fluidity of the application of osteopathic manipulative techniques. I am so grateful for my osteopathic family."

Program benefits

Program benefits include:

  • Remission of tuition
  • Monthly stipend
  • Travel allowance
  • Four months of OMM rotations each year for three years, which includes rotating with OMM faculty, seeing patients (under OMM faculty supervision) and teaching first and second year students.

Contact us

Mary Wilson
OMM Academic Operation Administrator
Department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Phone: 215-871-6482

An clinical scholar shows an OMM technique to medical students at PCOM.
An OMM clinical scholar instructs a small group of med students during an OMM course at PCOM.
OMM scholar uses hands to relax DO students facial muscles during a hands-on laborator
OMM clinical scholar instructs medical students around an exam table in the OMM lab.
An OMM clinical scholar sits and speaks with a medical student during OMM lab at PCOM.
An OMM clinical scholar instructs a medical student during OMM lab at PCOM.

OMM Clinical Scholars help instruct PCOM medical students on OMT techniques during lab exercises.