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Residency Placement 2024 
Student Profiles

March 21, 2024

PCOM is proud to celebrate the success of the Class of 2024 as they prepare to begin the next stage of their training by joining a residency program, a research fellowship program or a clinical fellowship program.

PCOM Student Profiles

Sundiata Annacius (DO ’24)Sundiata Annacius: Everything Was Worth It

Every ounce of effort made by Sundiata Annacius (DO ’24) up until the moment she opened her Match Day letter was worth it. “Emerging from a non-traditional route into medical school, I was overwhelmed with an immense sense of gratitude,” she said. Annacius’ next journey is at the Anesthesiology residency program at Temple University Hospital where she’ll become a part of a fast-paced specialty that offers an immediate impact on patient care. She chose PCOM because of the positive energy she felt from students during her interview day. “In that moment, I realized I was not just choosing a medical school; I was embracing a family where lifelong friendships and a deep sense of belonging awaited me,” she shared. For those who come after her, she emphasizes the importance of giving yourself grace. “Understand that everyone's path is unique,” she said. “Trust in your abilities, stay focused, and embrace the journey ahead with confidence and determination.”

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Marykate Decker (DO ’24)Marykate Decker: Treating People From All Walks of Life

As a first generation college student, Marykate Decker (DO ’24) is grateful to have matched and wants others with a similar background to know they can do it too. “I matched into Emergency Medicine, which I have been dreaming about since I was in EMT school as a freshman at Fordham University.” For Decker, the biggest privilege is being able to treat people from all walks of life and different backgrounds. “I always desired to work in an underserved population with the goal to meet every single person where they are,” she said. Feeling privileged to be in a position to provide care to those who need it most, Decker will be completing her residency at Cooper University Hospital. “The ability to gain someone's trust within minutes of their arrival, possibly on the worst day of their life, is so special to me,” she said. “Working in the Emergency Department is one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had, and is a constant reminder that life is so precious and nothing is ever guaranteed.”

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Sonya Levine (DO ’24)Sonya Levine: Our Bodies Tell Our Stories

As an undergraduate student, Sonya Levine (DO ’24) majored in dance and history. “I was always drawn to the way our bodies can tell stories,” she said. When deciding to make a big career change and pursue medicine, she wanted to find a specialty that carried that thread forward. “I want to help empower patients to know their bodies well enough to be autonomous over their health and their care,” she said. Levine will work towards that goal as a Family Medicine resident at Brown University. For any first-year students just beginning their medical school journey, Levine says to “Allow yourself to be surprised by the journey. It is humbling and challenging, and there will likely be things you hadn't anticipated, but if you build and rely on a strong support system, reaching for your dreams is possible.”

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Matthew Momjian (DO ’24)Matthew Momjian: Well Equipped for the Next Chapter

Anticipation was at its peak as Matthew Momjian (DO ’24) opened his envelope on Match Day. “I was so excited to find out I had matched,” he said. “I knew that I was well-prepared from my four years at PCOM.” Momjian will join the University of Pennsylvania’s Anesthesiology Residency program. “I was exposed to this specialty during my third-year clinical rotations, and I really enjoyed it,” he shared. He’s ready to tackle the wide range of procedures and cases that can be performed within this specialty. Most importantly, Momjian is committed to inspiring trust in his patients by advocating for them and providing the best care possible. “I feel well equipped to move into my next chapter,” he said. “PCOM’s education has not let me down.”

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Ophelia Okoh (DO ’24)Ophelia Okoh: Empowering Others to Lead Healthier Lives

“Seeing it officially in writing only confirmed what I already knew,” Ophelia Okoh (DO ’24) said about the moment she opened her Match Day email. “I believed and had faith that I would match at my top program.” Okoh is now a part of the Middlesex Health Family Medicine Residency Program. “I first fell in love with Family Medicine during my time as a medical scribe before entering medical school,” she said. “Witnessing the remarkable transformations in patients who had strong relationships with their family physicians deeply inspired me.” Okoh was drawn to Family Medicine because it aligns perfectly with her passion for educating others. As a doctor, she hopes to empower individuals to lead healthier lives.

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Megan Sullivan (DO ’24)Megan Sullivan: Increasing Female Representation in the Orthopedic Field

When she first started medical school, Megan Sullivan (DO ’24) knew she was interested in the surgical field. After her third-year rotations, she fell in love with orthopedics. “I never envisioned myself pursuing this specialty, primarily due to the lack of representation, with fewer than 10% of orthopedic surgeons being women. Fortunately, I crossed paths with remarkable mentors who not only believed in me but empowered me to pursue my aspirations.” Sullivan will continue her journey at PCOM in the Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program. She’s excited to engage in a field she describes as “fun”, while working to enhance quality of life for her patients. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that all of the hard work and dedication paid off in the end,” she said.

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Kimberly Townsend (DO ’24)Kimberly Townsend: Building a Better Future for Children

Kimberly Townsend, MS/Biomed '20/(DO ’24) could barely contain her excitement when sharing that she matched into Pediatrics. “Kids are fun! They brighten your day even when they are hospitalized,” she said. “Kids deserve to have a doctor who cares about their health and overall well-being. They should have a doctor that they can come to when they need something.” Townsend will work towards becoming that doctor by returning to St. Christopher’s, where she spent valuable time during her rotations. “I loved everyone that I worked with and am so grateful for the opportunity to continue my training there!” Before she leaves PCOM, she wants first-year students to remember why they chose medical school in the first place. “It is easy to lose sight of this in the busyness of the first and second years,” she said. “Reminding yourself will motivate and better prepare you to care for your future patients.”

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PCOM Georgia Student Profiles

Sheena Allen (DO ’24)Sheena Allen: Calming Fears, Easing Pain

As a non-traditional medical student, Sheena Allen (DO ’24) is excited to embark on her residency at Wake Forest in Winston Salem, NC, in Anesthesiology. She embraces the specialty's action-oriented nature, stating, “Surgery can be scary, and we are the specialty that calms fears and makes the experience as tolerable as possible.“ She believes in the importance of alleviating patients' pain and fears, emphasizing that the small comforts provided during surgery can have a lasting impact. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges, “Residency will be no walk in the park, but I feel well prepared by life and PCOM to excel in this next stage of my life.“ With determination and a supportive network, Sheena is poised to thrive in residency, confident in her ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her patients.

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 Katie Ebersol (DO ’24)Katie Ebersol: From Engineering to Healing

After a career shift from engineering at Kimberly-Clark, Katie Ebersol (DO ’24) will embark on her residency at Penn State in Hershey, PA, driven by a profound passion for Internal Medicine. Reflecting on her journey, she shares, “This specialty has so much to offer that It felt perfectly aligned to my professional goals. IM will allow me to learn the unique intricacies of each organ system while also encouraging a focus in preventative medicine.“ Katie's path to medicine has been marked by determination and adaptability. With anticipation, she looks forward to the diverse fellowship opportunities ahead. For Katie, Internal Medicine is not just a career choice; it's a journey of continual growth and dedication to patient care. Her advice to aspiring physicians: embrace challenges, remain resilient, and advocate fiercely for your dreams.

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Jasmine Horn (PharmD '24)Jasmine Horn: Cultivating Connections in Ambulatory Care

Jasmine Horn (PharmD '24) matched at Xavier University of Louisiana in Ambulatory Care, driven by her profound commitment to patient care and community education. She shares, “My passion lies not only in practicing chronic disease medication management and patient/community education but mainly cultivating relationships with my patients. Becoming an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist will allow me the opportunity to tie all of my passions into one career.“ Match Day was a rollercoaster of emotions—nervousness, excitement, and anxiety—as years of hard work culminated in that pivotal moment. She advises fellow students to extend grace to themselves on the challenging road to success, recognizing that obstacles are part of the journey. With her unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, Jasmine is poised to excel in Ambulatory Care, where she will make a profound impact on patient care and community health, fulfilling her vision of holistic pharmaceutical practice.

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Sonjala Mallory (PharmD '24)Sonjala Mallory: Pharmacy Passion

Sonjala Mallory (PharmD '24) commences her residency at John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital in Thomasville, GA, opting for a general PGY1 program to hone her skills across pharmacy specialties. Expressing a particular interest in infectious diseases, she values the broad exposure a general residency offers, laying a robust foundation for future endeavors.

Reflecting on her match, Sonjala shares, “There was a profound sense of relief and excitement, coupled with a surge of gratitude towards everyone who supported me along the way—mentors, professors, friends, and family. It was a surreal moment filled with joy and anticipation for the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead in my residency journey. Overall, the experience was unforgettable and marked the beginning of an exciting chapter in my professional development as a clinical pharmacist.“

She advises aspiring pharmacists, “Stay focused on your goals, but also take time to appreciate the learning experiences and the connections you'll make along the way.“

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Dominick Ricci (DO ’24)Dominick Ricci: Charting a Course in Surgery

Dominick Ricci (DO ’24) is set to begin his residency journey at Prisma Health Columbia - University of South Carolina, specializing in General Surgery. Reflecting on Match Day, he shares, “A mix of relief and elation. Relieved that I could finally put down the burden of matching. This thing that has been my sole motivation for the last 3 and a half years is finally achieved. Right behind that relief was elation. I thought 'Wow I really am going to be a doctor.'“ Dominick finds General Surgery appealing for its immediate impact on patients and the myriad fellowship opportunities post-residency. He offers advice to medical students: “Just keep pushing forward. Medical school is full of seemingly insurmountable challenges, but you need to keep climbing and next thing you know, you'll have made it to the top of the mountain.“ Dominick's journey epitomizes perseverance and the realization of a lifelong dream.

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PCOM South Georgia Student Profiles

Katrina Hall (DO ’24)Katrina Hall: From Dietitian to Surgical Resident

“Surgery is tangible and practical resulting in, in some cases, an immediate solution to a medical problem,” Katrina Hall (DO ’24) said about why she chose surgery as her specialty. “It is amazing to see anatomy come to life and see systems work together synergistically.” She knew from a young age that she wanted to be in a helping profession. Hall began her career as a clinical dietitian, but she realized that she wanted to play a greater role in the care of each patient. “Having an osteopathic school so close to my current home of Thomasville, Georgia, was a huge factor in my decision to attend PCOM South Georgia,” Hall explained. “It is such a treasure to have such a well-known osteopathic school in rural Georgia.” Her next step is a residency in general surgery at Lakeland Regional Health in Lakeland, Florida. For the medical students who come after her, Hall offers some advice. “1. Work hard; it will pay off in the end! 2. Find healthy ways to manage your stress because it does not go away and will accumulate if not dealt with throughout your education 3. Serve others; it brings so much perspective to your own life and keeps you focused on the goal ahead.”

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Samuel P. Prahlow (DO ’24)Samuel P. Prahlow: Finding Answers to Medical Mysteries

“I was inspired to pursue medicine by my father, who is a forensic pathologist,” Samuel P. Prahlow (DO ’24) shared. “I love the aspect of medicine that enables for answers to be provided to patients about what they are going through whether it be acute, chronic diseases, or conditions. I chose an osteopathic medical school because of the philosophy of osteopathy as well as the hands-on approach to medicine that the DO training employs. As an osteopathic physician, every patient I will work with in the future will be viewed through this paradigm.” Prahlow placed into a residency program in diagnostic radiology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. “I chose this specialty because of all the answers it can provide to patients and clinicians about diagnoses,” he explained. “I love how interdisciplinary radiology is while also being available to perform procedures.”

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Lance Shealy (DO ’24)Lance Shealy: Walking with Patients through Life’s Stages

“Out of 159 counties in the state of Georgia, my home state, 82 of them lack a practicing OB/GYN,” Lance Shealy (DO ’24) stated. “I remember thinking how much of a need this specialty is to the community. It became a no-brainer that this specialty was for me!” On Match Day, Shealy discovered that he will complete his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital in Pensacola. Shealy understands that OB/GYN is filled with mostly happy moments, but he is prepared for those challenges as well. “I know in those moments that I can take off my ‘Dr. Shealy hat’ and put on my ‘osteopathic/humanistic loving hat’ and sit down with families and patients and love them through the hard times,” he said. “I chose OB/GYN so that I can celebrate the happiest time of patients’ lives while also loving them through the hardest times.” Shealy understands that this specialty requires a great deal of empathy. “Patients are entrusting OB/GYNs to support them during intimate and scary stages of life, a responsibility I am now honored to uphold,” he explained. “Whether walking through the steps of pregnancy or guiding a patient through a new cancer diagnosis, I am committed to treating every patient with the respect, dignity and compassion that they deserve.”

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Yesenia Stephens (DO ’24)Yesenia Stephens: Drawn to the Hope Pediatric Patients Provide

“My earliest memory with medicine is interpreting the word ‘rash’ from Spanish to English at my aunt’s doctor appointment,” Yesenia Stephens (DO ’24), recalled. “I observed how the physician pieced together seemingly unrelated information, like diet and occupation, to figure out what was wrong. In my 6-year-old eyes, physicians were problem solvers and used their knowledge to help people.” She also witnessed health disparities, which inspired her to become an osteopathic physician so she could use a holistic approach to treating her patients. On Match Day, Stephens discovered that she placed into a pediatrics residency at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C. As a high school student and later as a high school teacher, she found her interactions with children most fulfilling. “During medical school, my pediatric rotations solidified my path to becoming a pediatrician,” Stephens shared. “I was drawn in by the interesting pathologies, the privilege to care for the vulnerable, and the hope for the future that pediatric patients give us.”

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Celebrating 2024 Residency Placements