Students Tour CVS' Encompass RX Specialty Pharmacy
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Students Tour CVS' Encompass RX Specialty Pharmacy

December 18, 2019

Pharmacy students sit and smile around a conference room table at Encompass RX's office facility.

Three PCOM School of Pharmacy students were chosen as interns to tour the facility and learn about residencies and career opportunities.

On August 8, 2019, Ashley Butts (PharmD '22), Jourber Romilus (PharmD '22) and Ashley Thompson (PharmD '22) were among twelve pharmacy students from the region chosen to tour CVS' new acquisition: Encompass RX.

Encompass RX is a specialty pharmacy devoted to personalized clinical care. Their providers often treat rare diseases and utilize orphan drugs. Orphan drugs are commercially undeveloped pharmaceuticals due to the fact that they treat rare medical conditions and have limited profitability.

"The tour was very informative," Thompson explained. "It was a great opportunity and I would recommend interested interns to look into the company."

The handpicked student pharmacists were able to learn about CVS' various residencies, rotation sites and career opportunities.

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