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Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Master of Business Administration Dual Degree Program 

In 1989, PCOM and Saint Joseph’s University introduced the nation’s first MBA and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) dual degree program. This partnership responded to the increasing need for business acumen in medical practice and prepares the physicians for a wide range of emerging careers in medical administration. The curricula is coordinated to allow future physicians to graduate with both degrees in five years.

DO/MBA Dual Degree Program in Philadelphia

A major feature of the DO/MBA Program is the ability of students to pursue uninterrupted medical education at PCOM while also completing the MBA course requirements at Saint Joseph’s University. The flexible decelerated PCOM medical curriculum allows students to complete their second year clinical didactic courses over a two-year period.

Program schedule

Upon completion of the standard first year at PCOM and acceptance into the program, students begin business studies during the Saint Joseph’s University summer session. The following fall and spring semesters, the medical course-load is reduced to half-time while two business courses are completed each semester in the MBA Program. This schedule is repeated the next summer and subsequent fall and spring semesters, during which the PCOM sophomore year and all remaining MBA requirements are completed.

An MBA for Doctors

Upon completion of the two-year combined curriculum, the MBA degree is awarded by Saint Joseph’s University. After completion of full-time medical education in junior and senior clinical rotations, the DO degree is awarded at PCOM’s annual commencement ceremonies with special recognition of the dual degree.

Georgia campus students have the option of participating in the Saint Joseph’s University online MBA program.

The MBA curriculum is designed to provide a solid background in a broad range of business skills to augment medical competencies. The program requires completion of 15 MBA courses of three credits each. A benefit of the dual degree program is a waiver of three foundations courses and the transfer of one core course. Depending on your undergraduate record, some of the foundation courses may be waived. The courses are:

  • Accounting Concepts
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Contemporary Information Technologies
  • Gateway: Healthcare: A Global Strategic Perspective
  • Creating and Measuring Shareholder Value
  • Shareholder Value Management
  • Empowering Human Potential at Work
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Analytics for MBA
  • Three Healthcare Electives
  • Global Business Strategy

All MBA courses are held either at the Saint Joseph’s main campus, which is near PCOM's Philadelphia campus, or online.

The total cost of tuition and fees for the MBA Program and half-time PCOM course work is equal to the cost of an additional year of PCOM tuition. All costs are payable to PCOM on the regular schedule, and the college pays your MBA tuition and fees directly to St. Joseph’s University.

Students in the dual degree program continue to be classified as full-time PCOM students and receive all standard college services.

  • All primary sources of financial aid are available for this additional year of study, including federal student loans.
  • Financial aid continues to be administered by PCOM; no separate arrangements with lending sources are necessary.
  • Students also receive access to the gym, SJU Library and Post Learning Commons.
Dual Degree Program Eligibility

First-year PCOM students in good standing are eligible for dual degree program admission, and MCAT scores are accepted in lieu of the GMAT. You must have an Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or above and MCAT scores in the 50th percentile or above. Admission may be conditional on the successful completion of second semester medical studies.

How to Apply to the MBA Program

Applications are submitted online through Saint Joseph's University and must include:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Official undergraduate transcript from an accredited university

Applicants must also request PCOM send first-year PCOM grade reports and MCAT Scores to Christine Hartmann, MBA Director, Saint Joseph’s University.

Applications to the DO/MBA Program should be submitted by March 1 of your first year at PCOM. Comprised of PCOM and Saint Joseph’s University faculty, the program admissions committee reviews all materials and makes final admission decisions.

For more information, contact Kenneth Veit, DO '76, PCOM's Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, at 215-871-6770 or

Jeannine LaJeunesse, MBA, at St. Joseph’s University, is available to answer questions about the business curriculum and may be reached at 610-660-1690 or