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Illustrated Stories of the Places that Indelibly Marked the College’s History

August 1, 2022
By Jennifer Schaffer Leone; illustrations by Mike Shisler

Familiar buildings evoke nostalgia. They harbor history and tradition, and they constitute the foundation of our College’s story of change, growth and innovation.

Below you will find original ink and water-colored illustrations—commissioned by Digest Magazine for PCOM’s 125th anniversary. The renderings unveil the College’s past, present and future in a novel way.

Look with new eyes at PCOM’s campus buildings, structures and spaces. Perceive the light and shadow, scale and proportion, the sense of place and the spirit of the historical moments.

Bricks and Mortar

Stephen Girard Building at 21 South 12th Street, Philadelphia

The College’s first home, 1899–1900

Witherspoon Building, Walnut, Juniper and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia

The College’s second home, 1900–1903

33rd and Arch Streets, Philadelphia


1715 North Broad Street, Philadelphia


832 Pine Street, Philadelphia


19th and Spring Garden Streets, Philadelphia


48th and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia


City Avenue, Philadelphia


625 Old Peachtree Road Northwest, Suwanee, Georgia

PCOM Georgia, the College’s branch campus, 2005–present

2050 Tallokas Road, Moultrie, Georgia

PCOM South Georgia, the College’s additional location, 2019–present