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Education and Outreach 
Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging

Biomedical Training

The CCDA establishes opportunities for advanced training of medical students, residents and graduate students in research methodologies and translational research to fill future needs in the healthcare professions. An important goal of the training process is achievement of a better understanding of the impact that genetics in addition to nutrition, exercise, biomechanical stability and other lifestyle factors have on the wellness of developing and aging individuals.


The CCDA sponsors lectures on important issues in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and chronic disorders. The intent is to bring leaders in many different arenas of chronic disease to PCOM to expose the entire medical school population to the current state of the art approaches to these problems. Both basic science researchers and clinical researchers are selected for these lectures to provide a more complete understanding of how research is translated from the laboratory to the patient and community.

Symposia and Continuing Medical Education

Special symposia are designed to address specialized areas of basic and clinical research in chronic conditions. These symposia may include continuing medical education (CME) to foster continued growth and knowledge updates for clinicians, researchers, laboratory personnel and allied healthcare professionals in areas of specific chronic diseases and chronic disorders.

Community and Professional Outreach

The "Center" concept has evolved to help as many individuals as possible in a variety of ways. In this manner, the CCDA can also be considered as a resource for the general public and healthcare professionals. Support for informational seminars and for students participating in outreach programs to underserved populations is part of the CCDA mission.