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PCOM School of Professional and Applied Psychology

Siobhonn Job | Mental Health Counseling Program

June 22, 2019

Working with underserved youth populations around the world speaks to Siobhonn Job's unwavering passion for helping others.

Maia Campbell | School Psychology (EdS) Program

June 5, 2019

Working as a school psychologist, Maia Campbell evaluates and analyzes the learning styles and profiles of her students to determine their individual learning needs for educational success.

PCOM Honors Innovative Teachers of 2017

June 30, 2017

Kendorski, Redmond honored for their innovative approach to education.

Psychology Chair Inducted Into Fellowship

May 23, 2017

Dr. Robert A. DiTomasso selected for College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Patrick Mullen | Mental Health Counseling Program at PCOM

January 22, 2017

Using his mental health counseling training and education from PCOM, Patrick Mullen hopes to give back to his community by helping combat the epidemic he has witnessed.

Reggie Candio | School Psychology (PsyD) Program

January 22, 2017

Upon earning his doctoral degree in school psychology from PCOM, Reggie Candio wants to advocate for young people with autism and provide them with opportunities to become as independent and self-reliant as possible.

Mark D. Cassano | Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Program

June 22, 2016

Mark D. Cassano describes how shared medical appointments enhance his psychology education at PCOM.

Rachel A. Gerofsky | Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Program

January 22, 2016

Rachel A. Gerofsky found research and faculty mentoring to be distinctive components of the clinical PsyD program at PCOM.