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Hunter Medley, MS/Biomed '24 
MS in Biomedical Sciences

May 1, 2024
Hunter Medley, MS/Biomed '24

Hunter Medley began his healthcare career as a patient care technician, also known as a nurse assistant, in a hospital. He was on the front lines during the COVID pandemic.

“I realized the impact that each healthcare team member plays in the care of the patient,” he said. “That realization pushed me to pursue medical school.”

Medley chose the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program to build a better foundation to prepare him for medical school.

“What made PCOM South Georgia stand out was the smaller size of the school, allowing me to build connections with the faculty and staff here, and the ability to take courses alongside medical students,” he said. “To sit in the same classroom and be taught the same thing as medical students gave me the confidence that I could handle medical school, and hopefully, it showed admission committees that I could handle medical school.”

Medley especially appreciated the opportunity to select a concentration.

“One of the benefits of doing the second-year master’s program at PCOM South Georgia is the ability to learn a different concentration in other fields,” he said. “I had the privilege to study public health and organizational leadership. This knowledge is very practical for me as a future physician. I have a better understanding of the healthcare system, and I learned practical skills on how to be a leader in different groups. As a physician, you are often the leader of the healthcare team that might be constantly changing members. Being able to adapt and learn how to get the most out of the team is very important.”

He also became involved in student organizations.

“Mainly, I was the president of the Wilderness Medicine Club, even as a non-medical student, another perk of PCOM South Georgia,” Medley said. “I was also an ambassador for the biomedical sciences program. This allowed me to introduce this awesome program to other potential students, a lot of whom were here to learn about the DO school not knowing about the other opportunities.”

As he prepares for medical school, Medley recalls the one person who inspires him the most.

“I have had the chance to work around numerous physicians who have influenced my perspective as a future physician, but I would have to say the man who is constantly inspiring me is my grandad,” Medley said. “He passed away back in 2007, but his legacy lives on through me. He was a simple man from Southwest Georgia, where no one could speak a bad word about him. He has influenced who I am as a human being more than anyone else I have met. He taught me patience, integrity, hard work and being a humble man. He was a man of few words and would never speak ill of another human. As I strive for my dreams, I am constantly encouraged and grounded when I think of him.”

For future students in the biomedical sciences graduate program at PCOM South Georgia, Medley offers some advice.

“Take advantage of all PCOM South Georgia has to offer, especially for biomedical students to transition into the medical program,” he said. “This school offers some unique advantages for biomedical students. Doing well in this program can prepare you for the DO school better than any other program. It can also show the admissions team that you can handle the DO program. Since the school is such a small school, you have the ability to be plugged into different organizations and interact with the faculty and staff. You have a bit more freedom than the DO students to be involved in the community. Shadow physicians, volunteer, do whatever you can to integrate yourself into this special community.”

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