PA Studies Student Story | Hear From Zachary 'Nerdy Ninja' Murphy
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Zachary 'The Nerdy Ninja' Murphy's PCOM Experience 
Physician Assistant Studies Program

January 11, 2021

Teaching others anatomy and science through his YouTube channel, Ninja Nerd Science, started as a passion project for Zachary Murphy, MS/PA. Now, as he studies to become a physician assistant, he hopes to provide his future patients with a more comprehensive understanding of their symptoms and diagnoses.

Become a Physician Assistant

PCOM's Physician Assistant Studies program educates future health practitioners to treat the complete individual. Our holistic approach to medicine immerses you in hands-on experiences and collaborative learning environments, establishing a strong foundation that will serve you as you serve those who seek care.

Learn more about PCOM's Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program, download our program brochure or complete our online request form.