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PhD in Educational Psychology Curriculum 
Required Courses and Specialization Options

The PhD in Educational Psychology program requires the successful completion of approximately 35-40 credits (based upon area specialization). Individualized course plans are developed collaboratively between each student and the program director.

Students will complete required coursework in educational psychology, research and statistics and may choose from areas of specialization.

As a capstone experience, students must complete a doctoral dissertation, typically begun in the second year of study—a substantially independent research study of sufficient quality and rigor to have the potential to contribute to the scientific knowledge base.

  • Foundations in Educational Psychology
  • The Psychology of Teaching
  • Educational Research and Program Evaluation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Seminar in Child Development
  • Professional Seminar in Educational Psychology
  • Qualifying Preparation
  • Dissertation Seminar
  • Basic Principles in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Behavior Change and Systems Support
  • Behavior Assessment
  • Practicum: Functional Assessment
  • Multicultural Counseling: Methods and Technique
  • Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
  • CBT I
  • CBT II: Treatment Strategies
  • CBT III: Applications
  • Physiology
  • Assessment IV: Neuropsychology
  • Linking Neuropsychological Assessments to Interventions
  • Neuropathology