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What Students Are Saying About the School of Pharmacy

At PCOM, we are committed to helping our students acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their best in the practice of pharmacy. Learn why some of our students chose to pursue a career in pharmacy and how the PCOM School of Pharmacy is helping them to achieve their career goals.


Student Testimonials

PCOM Georgia pharmacy student Ted Sukhdeo (PharmD '22)

Ted Sukhdeo (PharmD '22) noticed the direct impact pharmacists have on the lives of patients.

“Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare providers,” he said. “And with the vigor of training pharmacists receive, we can have a great impact on patient health outcomes.”

According to Sukhdeo, he chose PCOM School of Pharmacy after a fall visit to the PCOM Georgia campus in Suwanee. “Everyone within the school made me feel like I really belonged here. They made me feel like this is where I want to be if I want to be successful and supported.”

Sukhdeo plans to practice as an ambulatory care pharmacist after he completes a PGY-1 pharmacy residency with the PCOM School of Pharmacy/Wellstar North Fulton residency program.


Monica Boulis (PharmD '23) appreciates how accessible and responsive the faculty is at PCOM School of Pharmacy.

“Our kind and knowledgeable professors and faculty work hard to help students succeed and prepare us to be the pharmacists we set out to be in the future,“ she said. 

Boulis added, “I really appreciate how they truly care for their students.“

Monica Boulis (PharmD ‘23)

PCOM Georgia pharmacy student Katie Bozeman

Katie Bozman (PharmD '15) knew PCOM School of Pharmacy was the school she had been looking for after attending an open house.

”I felt confident that the program's structure would help me to be the well-rounded pharmacist I wanted to be, but more importantly, I was so impressed with the culture of the program. It was obvious even then how invested the program was into its students' successes,” she explained.

As a student, Bozman had the opportunity to work as a research assistant—an experience she feels will be valuable in her career.

“Because of the research experiences I was able to develop during my time at [PCOM School of Pharmacy], I strongly believe that I will be able to cultivate and complete a research project that will improve medication safety and patients' quality of life.”


Nandi Rosier (PharmD '21) said her professors and peers—and how they embrace her as a person—are what she loves most about PCOM School of Pharmacy.

”Everyone wants to genuinely make the community better,” she said. ”Everyone really wants each other to succeed.”

According to Rosier, the atmosphere at the school is one of family.


Kerry Ward (PharmD '18) said the openness of PCOM School of Pharmacy faculty drew him to the PharmD program.

”They really want to see you succeed academically and professionally and they make every effort to let you know that,” he explained.

That interaction, he added, was very important to him.

Ward described the program as challenging but said it furthers students in their educational and career pursuits.

Hershika Patel (PharmD '18) initially wanted to become a physician, but working in a pharmacy changed that.

“I realized how much of an impact a pharmacist has on a patient,” she said. Her father, she explained, further influenced her decision.

“My father sometimes wasn't compliant with taking his medication and I realized that there was a barrier between the doctor and him,” she said. “I wanted to help patients like my dad to understand the importance of their medication and how to properly take it.”

Since graduating from PCOM School of Pharmacy, Patel has been pursuing that goal as a hospital pharmacist.

Hershika Patel