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Residency Program

Our otolaryngology residency program spans five years of advancing clinical and surgical training in all facets of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery.

This includes head and neck oncology, facial plastics and reconstructive surgery (including complex microvascular free flap reconstructions), otology, rhinology, laryngology, pediatric otolaryngology, bronchoesophagology, skull-base surgery, sleep surgery and allergy. The great success of graduating residents from this program, both in private practice and academic tracks, is a testament to the quality of training here at PCOM.

Director: John McGrath, DO
Positions: 15
Website: Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Residency
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As a resident in our program, you will experience a balanced approach to your clinical education. The first year residents will spend six months on an otolaryngology rotation and six months on non-otolaryngology rotations in the following areas, emergency medicine, general surgery, anesthesia, radiology and the intensive care unit. The next four years are spent as an otolaryngology resident. Each of the otolaryngology rotations are approximately two to three months in length and provide an intensive experience in the operative and inpatient management of otolaryngology patients.

Skills and focus areas

We place a heavy emphasis on surgical training, patient care and management, and clinical research. Each year, you will have greater levels of responsibility for patient care while supervised by our large, diverse and dedicated faculty at a number of area Philadelphia hospitals. We will train you to become highly resourceful, confident and independent in the operating room under appropriate attending supervision. Additionally, you will gain a wealth of experience managing acute airway emergencies and become extremely well versed with both endoscopic and surgical approaches to the compromised airway.

Our program, which is approved by ACGME initial-accreditation, currently accepts three residents per year.

The residency educational program is multidimensional with the central goals of clinical and surgical competence, patient care and academic success. Dedicated time is reserved for resident education.

Monday afternoons begin with departmental grand rounds during which residents and invited guest faculty present on relevant topics in otolaryngology. Two to three hours of lecture time are designated every week and the two-year course curriculum is planned so each resident will be exposed to the complete educational program twice during residency. This time is also used for monthly pathology and radiology lectures as well as a monthly journal club.

Hospital specific multidisciplinary tumor boards, morbidity and mortality conferences, journal clubs, and radiology conferences are also held.

Residents are encouraged to work on research projects throughout their tenure at PCOM. Research time is allotted in line with academy guidelines.

Our program currently accepts three otolaryngology residents per year.

All applicants must apply through the Electronic Residency Application Service for Applicants (ERAS).

Designated Osteopathic Residents

All PCOM residents/fellows will be Designated Osteopathic Residents. All must have sufficient background and/or instruction in osteopathic philosophy and techniques in manipulative medicine to prepare them to engage in the program's curriculum.

The Eligibility Requirements must be met before an applicant is eligible to receive an invitation to interview.


Notice to Applicants

All applicants for PCOM residency and fellowship programs must be legally authorized to work in the United States.


For more information about the otolaryngology residency program, please contact:

Anaise Marquez
Residency Program Coordinator
Email: anaisema@pcom.edu
Phone: 215-871-6645

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