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Dianzheng Zhang, PhD


Email: dianzhengzh@pcom.edu
Office: 215-871-6588
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Dr. Zhang’s general interest is the nutrient control of gene expression in health and disease. Particularly, he is interested in the regulation of gene expression by micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as phytochemicals.

As living organisms, we continuously exchange chemical components with the environment; the exchange nutrients are implicated in the regulation of gene expression and cell fates, which ultimately confer life or death. With increasing knowledge of the importance of nutrition in our aging population, medicine is shifting its focus from treatment of acute diseases, to the prevention of cancer and chronic diseases. It has been estimated that thirty to fifty percent of all chronic diseases are preventable by attention to dietary factors.

Present research projects in his laboratory are focused on, but not limited to, the (1) molecular mechanisms of chemo-preventive effects of different phytochemicals, especially resveratrol, in prostate cancer development, (2) mechanisms of resveratrol effects on tensin expression and prostate cancer, and (3) the underlying molecular mechanisms of TMPRSS fusion with ETS transcriptional factors (ERG in particular) in cancer prevention and gene therapy.

  • Education

    PhD, Nutritional Science, The University of Arizona, Tucson, 2001
    MS, Biochemistry, Hunan Medical University, Changsha, P. R. China, 1987
    BS, Chemistry, Qufu Teaching University Qufu, Shandong, P. R. China

  • Courses

    Dr. Zhang teaches the following courses: Introduction to Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Cellular and Molecular Basis of Medicine (CMBM). Dr. Zhang’s courses cover the following content areas: hormonal regulation of metabolisms, ATP and energy generation, dietary carbohydrate metabolism, dietary proteins, fatty acid synthesis, and lipoproteins.

  • Research

    Research Keywords

    Prostate cancer
    Androgen receptor

  • Awards

    2008 Visiting Professor: Changsha Medical College, Hunan Province, PRC

    2007 Visiting Professor: Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, Central South University, Hunan Province, PRC

    2006 Young Researcher Scholarship for AICR/WCRF International Research Conference on Food, Nutrition and Cancer (2006, Washington, D.C.) American Institute of Cancer Research and World cancer Research Fund International

    2005 Outstanding Performance and Excellence in Scientific Presentation The 2005 Texas Chapter Annual Symposium

    2003 Award for Excellent Presentation of Research Society of Chinese Biochemists in America, Texas Chapter

    1990 Advanced Research Award Hunan province, P. R. China

    1989 Excellent Teaching Award Hunan Medical University, P. R. China

  • Publications

    Selected Publications

    Qiuli Liu, Dali Tong, Gaolei Liu, Yuting Yi, Dianzheng Zhang, Jun Zhang, Yao Zhang, Zaoming Huang, Yaoming Li, Rongrong Chen, Yanfang Guan, Xin Yi & Jun Jiang (2017) HIF2A germline-mutation-induced polycythemia in a patient with VHL-associated renal-cell carcinoma Cancer Biology & Therapy 2017 Nov 27:1-4. doi: 10.1080/15384047.2017.1394553. [Epub ahead of print]

    Cunjie Chang, Jiakuan Liu, Wenxu He, Mincheng Qu, Xiaojing Huang, Yongming Deng, Lan Shen, Xiaozhi Zhao, Hongqian Guo, Jun Jiang, Xin-Yuan Fu, Ruimin Huang, Dianzheng Zhang, Jun Yan (2017) A regulatory circuit HP1γ/miR-451a/c-Myc promotes prostate cancer progression Oncogene (in print)

    Saber Imani, Marzieh Dehghan Shasaltaneh, Jingliang Cheng, Chunli Wei, Shangyi Fu, Hanchun Chen, Dianzheng Zhang, Hongbin LV, Yumei Li, Rui Chen and Junjiang Fu (2017) Genetic identification and molecular modeling characterization reveal a novel PROM1 mutation in Stargardt4-like Macular Dystrophy Oncotarget (in print) 

    Junlong Zhuang, Lan Shen, Lin Yang, Xiaojing Huang, Qun Lu, Yangyan Cui, Xi Zheng, Xiaozhi Zhao, Dianzheng Zhang, Ruimin Huang, Hongqian Guo, and Jun Yan (2017) TGFβƒ1 Promotes Gemcitabine Resistance Through Regulating the LncRNA-LET/NF90/ miR-145 Signaling Axis in Bladder Cancer Theranostics 7 (12) 3053-3067

    Sarah Wilson, Lucia Cavero, Dali Tong, Qiuli Liu, Kyla Geary, Nicholas Talamonti, Jing Xu, Junjiang Fu, Jun Jiang and Dianzheng Zhang (2017) Resveratrol enhances polyubiquitination-mediated ARV7 degradation in prostate cancer cells Oncotarget 8 (33): 54683-54693

    Qiuli Liu, Dali Tong, Gaolei Liu, Jing Xu, Khang Do, Kyla Geary, Dianzheng Zhang, Jun Zhang, Yao Zhang, Yaoming Li, Gang Bi, Weihua Lan and Jun Jiang (2017) Metformin reverses prostate cancer resistance to enzalutamide by targeting TGF-β1/STAT3 axis-regulated EMT Cell Death and Disease 2017 Aug 24;8(8):e3007. doi: 10.1038/cddis.2017.417

    Shangyi Fu, Jingliang Cheng, Chunli Wei, Luquan Yang, Xiuli Xiao, Dianzheng Zhang, M. David Stewart, Junjiang Fu (2017) Development of diagnostic SCAR markers for genomic DNA amplifications in breast carcinoma by DNA cloning of high-GC RAMP-PCR fragments Oncotarget 8 (27): 43866-43877

    Qiuli Liu, Yan Wang, Dali Tong, Gaoli Liu, Wanqiang Yuan, Jun Zhang, Jin Ye, Yao Zhang, Gang Yuan, Qingxing Feng, Dianzheng Zhang, Jun Jiang (2017) A somatic HIF2α mutation-induced multiple and recurrent pheochromocytoma/paragangliona with polycythemia: clinical study with literature review Endocrine Pathology 28 (1): 75-82

    Qiuli Liu, Dali Tong, Wenqiang Yuan, Gaoli Liu,  Gang Yuan, Weihua Lan, Dianzheng Zhang, Zaoming Huang,  Yao Zhang, Jun Jiang (2017) Different RET gene mutation-induced multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A in 3 Chinese families Medicine 96(3): e5967. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000005967.

    Dali Tong, Qiuli Liu, Gaoli Liu, Jing Xu, Weihua Lan, Yao Jiang, Hualiang Xiao, Dianzheng Zhang, Jun Jiang (2017) Metformin Inhibits Castration-induced EMT in Prostate Cancer by Repressing COX2/PGE2/STAT3 Axis Cancer Letters 389: 23-3. 

    Meijuan Zhou, Fangzhi Chen, Hanchun Chen, Xinxing Wan, Zhou X, Fang Q, Dianzheng Zhang (2017) ISG15 inhibits cancer cell growth and promotes apoptosis International Journal of Molecular Medicine 39(2):446-452 

    Hongmei Dong, Jinjin Xu, Weiwei Li, Jinfeng Gan, Wan Lin, Jierong Ke, Jiali Jiang, Liang Du, Yuping Chen, Xueyun Zhong, Dianzheng Zhang, Xiaotao Li, Hao Zhang (2016) Reciprocal androgen receptor-IL-6 crosstalk drives esophageal carcinoma progression and contributes to patient prognosis The Journal of Pathology 241 (4): 448-264

    Dali Tong, Qiuli Liu, gaolei Liu, Wenqiang Yuan, Luofu Wang, Yanli Guo, weihua Lan, Dianzheng Zhang, Shuo Dong, Yan Wang, Hualiang Xiao, Jianghong Mu, Chengyi Mao, and Jiemin Wong, Jun Jiang (2016) The HIF/PHF8/AR axis promotes prostate cancer progression Oncogenesis (2016) 5, e283; doi:10.1038/oncsis.2016.74

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    Book Chapter (in progress)

    Title of chapter:  Environmental and Dietary Factors in Cancer Development and Bioethical Implications

    Title of book:  Epigenetics and Cancer


    Scholarly Presentations

    Identification and characterization of microRNAs as biomarkers for acute graft versus host disease (2016) 5Th International Pre-Conference Workshop on Blood Disorders, the invited keynote speaker, Abuja, Nigeria

    How to write scientific articles (2016) Central South University, Changsha, Human, P.R. China

    How to write a scientific research paper (2016) The Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, P. R. of China

    How to write a scientific research paper (2016) Southwest Medical University, Lu-Zhou, Sichuan, P. R. of China

    MicroRNAs as biomarkers for acute graft versus host disease (2015) The 3rd international conference on hematology & blood disorder; Atlanta, GA

    Long Noncoding RNAs in Prostate Cancer (2014) BIT’s7th Annual World Cancer Congress-2014-Breast Cancer Congress (The Blue Print of War on Cancers for the Next Decade); Chair of Symposium 611: Cancer Epigenetics, MicroRNAs and Long Noncoding RNAs, Nanjing, P. R. China

    Combating prostate cancer by targeting androgen receptor with phytochemical resveratrol (2010) BIT’s 3rd Annual World Cancer Congress-2010-Breast Cancer Congress (Fighting Breast Cancer at Molecular Level), Section Chair, Shanghai, P. R. China

    Resveratrol, Health and Longevity (2009) Global Health Awareness Month Seminar Series, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

    Medical education in the United States of America (2008) Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, Central South University, Hunan Province, PRC

    Establishing, testing and modifying research hypothesis (2008) Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, Central South University, Hunan Province, PRC

    Medical education in the United States of America (2008) Changsha Medical College, Hunan Province, PRC

    Molecular biological methodology in studying transcriptional regulation (2007) Department of Biochemistry, College of Medicine, Central South University, Hunan Province, PRC

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  • Grants

    Resveratrol, Aging and Prostate Cancer. $5000 (2006); The Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging (CCDA), Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

    Effects of Resveratrol in Aging and Prostate Cancer, $15,859; 01/01/2007-21/31/2010, 2006 Formula Grant, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Health Statistics and Research

    Chromosomal Translocation-Induced Overexpression of ERG and Prostate Tumorigenesis, $15,000; 07/2008-06/2010, Christian R. Mary F. Lindback Foundation

    Modification of Resveratrol and Identification of More Potent Prostate Cancer Prevention Reagents: $300,000; 6/1/2010-5/31/2013 SynStar Inc.