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125 Years Through 125 Stories: 
Our story. Our heritage. Our inspiration.

August 1, 2022
Reflection stories by Janice Fisher, Dan O'Connor and David McKay Wilson

Digest Magazine continues to offer reflections on the faculty, alumni and philanthropists whose impact endures—in bricks and mortar—on the PCOM, PCOM Georgia and PCOM South Georgia campuses.

Reflections: 125 Years Through 125 Stories

Angus G. Cathie, DO ’31, MSC, FAAO

As told by Jay Harris Joseph, DO ’56

Ruth Waddel Cathie, DO ’38

As told by Lillian Hynes-Longendorfer, DO ‘67

Vincent T. Cipolla, DO ’46

As told by Jay S. Feldstein, DO ’81, President and Chief Executive Officer, PCOM

Camille DiLullo, PhD

As told by Cierra Lewis, MS/Biomed ’16, DO ’18, MEd

Tage Kvist, PhD

As told by Michael P. McGuinness, PhD, Professor of Anatomy, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences, PCOM

Joanne Pieringer, PhD

As told by Ruth Thornton, PhD, Professor Emerita

Jason O’Neal, PharmD ’14

As told by Eddie Williams, PharmD ’14

Dan and Jimmy Jeter

As told in their own words

Meta L. Christy, DO 1921

As told by Beverly K. Andre, MS/Biomed ’20 (DO ’24)