PCOM OneCard ID for Students, Faulty and Employees
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The OneCard is the official identification card for students, employees and tenants at PCOM. This ID card is to be displayed on you at all times while on campus.

In addition to serving as your ID card/badge, the OneCard also allows access to certain facilities, serves as your PCOM Library card and can be used in cashless vending (if you have chosen to deposit money on your card).


Use your MyPCOM username and password to login to the OneCard system.

New student photo submission

Photo ID submission deadline

The photo ID submission deadline for Physician Assistant Studies students and Physical Therapy students is May 20, 2022. The semester start date is June 6, 2022. Your PCOM student ID badge will be delivered at orientation.

Photo submission guidelines

It is important for the student photo to be a passport-style photograph and look as professional as possible. Example photos and details are below.

To ensure your photo is accepted, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Example student ID photo professional headshotPhoto must be color. Color should reproduce natural skin tones of student.
  • Facial features should be clearly evident in the photo.
  • Must be taken in the last six months.
  • We encourage plain backgrounds; preferably white; with no patterns, textures or scenics.
  • Face straight ahead, looking directly into camera; no head tilts.
  • A natural expression is encouraged.
  • Example student ID photo professional headshotNo hats, sunglasses or any other article that may obstruct the face or hair. Religious accommodations are made for headpieces if worn daily for religious purposes; however, they should not obscure or cast shadows on the eyes or any other part of the face.
  • Eyeglasses should be worn if normally used by the student.
  • No glare on glasses, red eye, shadows, blurry or debutante/glamor photos.
  • No other visible people or objects.
  • Properly exposed selfies are acceptable.
  • Over- or under-exposure may render the photo unusable.
  • A high-resolution file size is strongly recommended, 1 MB or greater file size.

Important! Name the ID photo file accordingly:

LAST NAME, all capital letters
Underscore, then
First name, just capital on the first letter

File name examples:

PCOM student ID photo submission form

Use our ID Photo Submission Google Form enter your student information and upload a photo.

  • Students are required to login with your PCOM email account to complete the form and submit a photo.
  • We recommend completing the Google Form from a desktop or laptop  computer and using the Google Chrome browser.

Funds and fees

  • There are no monthly service charges or annual finance charges with your OneCard.
  • There are no fees for opening or maintaining your account regardless of how long you have it.
  • You can draw on these funds by presenting your OneCard at participating campus locations.

Manage your OneCard

Login to view your PCOM OneCard balance and add funds.


Use your MyPCOM username and password to login to the OneCard system.

Note: If you receive a "timed out" error when making a deposit to your OneCard, please check the balance on your OneCard before attempting a second deposit. In most cases, the first deposit did go through to your OneCard. We are working with the company to resolve this issue.

Replace a lost or stolen card

How to replace your PCOM ID card
  1. Login to PCOM's OneCard portal within MyPCOM.
  2. Click the "Add Cash" tab.
  3. Click the "REPLACEMENT ID" radio button.
  4. Enter "$10" into the Deposit Amount field and click the Continue button.
  5. This will take you to the TouchNet OneCard Web Payment Services page. Complete the requested payment information and pay using Mastercard, Visa or Discover.
  6. You will then be emailed a receipt.
  7. Forward the receipt and a copy of your driver's license or other photo ID to pcomaccesscontrol@pcom.edu.
  8. When your new PCOM ID badge is ready, a member of the PCOM Access Control team will contact you for delivery or pickup on your campus.