Zelma Angelique Estrada-Womack | Physical Therapy Graduate
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Zelma Angelique Estrada-Womack, DPT '23 
Doctor of Physical Therapy

May 8, 2023

DPT graduate Zelma Angelique Estrada-Womack standing outside in her white coat smiling“Health care chose me,” Zelma Angelique Estrada-Womack, DPT '23, believes.

When Estrada-Womack was a child, she remembers being drawn to help others, especially if they were hurt. “My favorite game as a kid was playing ‘doctor,’ and using all the supplies in the first aid kit to bandage someone.” Her family encouraged this interest by outfitting her with child-sized medical scrubs and medical tools. “They saw my desire to care for others as something greater,” Estrada-Womack said.

While playing sports at Woodstock High School, northwest of Atlanta, she was introduced to physical therapy after injuring multiple joints during a volleyball game. “I learned that there were other options besides medication and surgery that can be effective in teaching individuals to be independent again,” she said.

“Learning what your body can do, focusing on strengthening it and providing the proper nutrition and time can often heal you just as much,” she said. “I decided to devote my life to teaching others they are strong and capable of determining their well-being,” she added.

Estrada-Womack applied to numerous physical therapy programs before interviewing at PCOM Georgia. “Once I interviewed, I understood the appeal,” she said. “The labs are new, the Doctor of Physical Therapy program has its own therapy gym where we can practice, and the faculty are wise beyond measure based on multiple years of clinical and educational experience,” she said.

“They also expressed their desire for community outreach programs, which they have met,” she added, “allowing for physical therapy advocacy in the community.”

During her years at PCOM Georgia, Estrada-Womack, who was born in Puerto Rico and learned English in middle school through an English to Speakers of Other Languages program, was featured during Hispanic Heritage Month by the American Physical Therapy Association. In addition, she was involved in the PCOM Georgia Medical Spanish Initiative Committee that helps bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. She held the position of vice president of solutions for the Class of 2023 and helped with postural and balance screening events, in addition to alumni association opportunities.

“PCOM has helped me accomplish my goals by giving me the proper resources through clinical experiences, networking opportunities, accountability and relationships needed to succeed,” she said.

She offers the following advice to future students. “Do not be afraid to ask for guidance. Others before you have gone through similar experiences and have wisdom to share. Always be teachable and assume you can learn something new from your faculty and fellow students.”

Estrada-Womack credits her faith and her family for getting her to where she is today. “Without their support, I would not be in this position. Thank you for believing in me,” she said.

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