Lindsay Washington, MS/School Psych ’20 | PCOM Graduate
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Lindsay Washington, MS/School Psych ’20 
MS in School Psychology

Headshot photograph of Master's in School Psychology graduate Lindsay Washington, MS School Psych '20Like many people, Lindsay Washington’s (MS/School Psych ’20) journey to her eventual career path wasn’t straightforward. After starting her undergraduate career as a fashion major at a local community college, Ms. Washington began to feel like that path wasn’t the right fit for her. While planning her future, Ms. Washington reflected on her past and remembered the challenges her younger brother, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, faced while receiving his education. This life experience propelled her to pursue her education in school psychology, in hopes that all students get the care they need to learn best.

“As the oldest of four, in a close family, I grew up taking care of kids. In addition to providing care for my younger brother, I have worked as therapeutic support staff for kids with autism and I see the need for specialized learning. As a school psychologist, I will be equipped to ensure that each child is taught with their unique capabilities and challenges in mind,” shared Ms. Washington.

When selecting a school to pursue her graduate-level education, Ms. Washington shared that Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) was the best fit. “I loved the program from the very start. Being able to enroll in an accelerated program meant that I would be able to start my career helping kids earlier. Also, coming from such a close family, I wanted to be close to home.” Ms. Washington’s family is also located in the Philadelphia area.

Upon graduation, Ms. Washington will begin her education specialist (EdS) degree at PCOM. One piece of advice that Ms. Washington would give to those beginning their master’s in school psychology today is, “Make connections and always ask questions because you’ll never get to where you want to be if you don’t collaborate. Strengthening connections will help you and having a network will be crucial for when you have questions in the future.”

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