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Williams-Page Inducted into ACOFP Conclave of Fellows

June 1, 2021
PCOM family medicine faculty Barbara Williams-Page, DO, was recently inducted into the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) Conclave of Fellows.
PCOM held a private ceremony for faculty member Barbara Williams-Page, DO, who was recently inducted into the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) Conclave of Fellows.
The 2021 ACOFP induction ceremony was cancelled due to COVID, so PCOM faculty held a small, private ceremony for Dr. Williams-Page.

Barbara Williams-Page, DO, is recognized nationally for her ongoing commitment to osteopathic medicine and education.

On Friday, May 14, members of the Department of Family Medicine at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) hosted a surprise ceremony for Barbara Williams-Page, DO, associate professor, family medicine, and medical director at PCOM’s Cambria Street Healthcare Center. The ceremony was hosted to celebrate Dr. Williams-Page’s 2020 induction into the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) Conclave of Fellows. Though Dr. Williams-Page was meant to be formally inducted at the 2020 ACOFP National Conference in New Orleans, the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barbara Williams-Page, DO, was inducted into the ACOFP Conclave of Fellows“I am very proud of Dr. Williams-Page and the hard work she has done to be considered for induction. She is so deserving of this celebration and we were happy to be able to come together as a department to celebrate her accomplishment,” shared Michael Becker, DO, associate dean of clinical education. Dr. Becker is also a member of the Conclave of Fellows and he served as Dr. Williams-Page’s sponsor for induction.

For over 20 years, Dr. Williams-Page has delivered medical care to patients in Philadelphia’s urban community. She also serves as preceptor and mentor to fourth-year medical students doing their 8-week urban rotation at the clinic. To be considered for induction into the Conclave of Fellows, Dr. Williams-Page was required to attend at least six meetings of the ACOFP, submit a scientific paper for consideration, and be sponsored by a current ACOFP fellow. In addition to her induction into the Conclave of Fellows, Dr. Williams-Page’s scientific paper “Bell’s Palsy Precedes Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis” was awarded the 2020 Outstanding Paper Crest.

During the ceremony, Dr. Williams-Page was presented with an acrylic box containing a pair of white shoes and a white belt. The presentation of this acrylic box is a longstanding PCOM tradition. Each time a new PCOM physician is inducted into the ACOFP Conclave of Fellows they are presented the box from the most recent previous inductee. The box also contains notes of advice and well wishes from all previous inductees. Other PCOM members of the Conclave of Fellows include Kenneth Veit, DO ‘78, provost; Katherine E. Galluzzi, DO, professor and chair, geriatrics; Larry Finkelstein, DO, professor, family medicine; Peter Bidey, DO ‘08, vice-chair, family medicine, Joan Grzybowski, DO ‘87, assistant professor, family medicine, and David Kuo, DO ‘96, associate dean, graduate medical education.

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