Promoting Respect | A Message From PCOM's President
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Promoting Respect

November 1, 2023

The devastation and loss of life due to the ongoing war in Israel and Gaza continues to reverberate across the world, and the conflict has led to increased reports of antisemitic and anti-Muslim comments and threats across the U.S., including on college campuses.

PCOM fosters a diverse and inclusive environment for all faculty, staff and students. Our College community is built on a foundation of mutual respect and compassion. As such, we do not and will not tolerate statements or actions that degrade, demean or discriminate against any individual or group, including based on religion, ethnicity or nationality. PCOM's Non-Discrimination Policy makes this clear, emphasizing that the College prohibits discrimination “in all its programs, activities, and employment practices.”

In this time of heightened uncertainty and tension due to the war, I reflect on PCOM's Anti-Violence and Discrimination Statement, which notes that we “hold our students, faculty and staff to high standards that respect and celebrate our differences while fostering appreciation for the qualities we share.”

That statement concludes with this pledge: “We not only live by these principles, but we firmly commit to working each and every day, together, to advance them in meaningful ways as a College.”

Please join me in ensuring that you, and all members of our College community, commit to living out these values. We each have a personal responsibility to do so.

Individuals who believe they have experienced discrimination or harassment are encouraged to make a report to PCOM. The College's Compliance Hotline is 844-337-3613, or reports can be submitted via Reports may be made anonymously.

Jay S. Feldstein, DO ’81
President and Chief Executive Officer